School of Education, Psychology and Sociology | Siberian Federal University

School of Education, Psychology and Sociology

Director: Igor A. Kovalevich


Address: 79 Svobodny pr., Room 13-13, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: ipps_sfu [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

BA programmes: Applied Computer Studies (in social communication), Psychology, PR.

MA programmes: Management of Educational Innovations, HR Management, Educational Management, Counselling, Pedagogics and Psychology of Development, Personal Development

The School promotes human potential development through up-to-date social scientific and educational practices and capitalization. It has developed the following strategies:

  • flexible educational programmes for training and professional development of teachers,
  • training of specialists in the field of humanitarian strategies for human development (psychology, pedagogics, social sciences).

International communication: German, Croatia, Austria.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • An online purchase manager develops mechanisms of goods promotion via Internet in offline companies, organizes online marketing campaigns, supports web shops, and works with partners in order to improve service and speed of delivery.
  • A specialist works with image of the future child, develops of child’s future life images and ways of its progress, according to preferences of parents, child’s insights and skills. The expert recommends educational programmes (sport, art, etc.), computer programmes, educational games for child development.
  • An expert in child psychological security, who ensures that services and goods for children are safe their mind and future development.
  • A tutor is a teacher that coordinates and accompanies development of students within studying disciplines, developes individual tasks, gives recommendations on career development.
  • A teacher using game-based learning methods. This specialist develops educational programmes using game-based learning methods, acting as a character of a game. Nowadays such specialists step by step replace traditional teachers.
  • Mind-fitness coach develops cognitive skill (i.e. attention focusing, memory, speed reading, account, etc.) with the help of special software and devices that take into account the peculiarities of psychotypes.

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