School of Engineering and Construction | Siberian Federal University

School of Engineering and Construction

Director: Igor V. Tarasov


Address: 82 Svobodny pr., Room 113, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: isi [dot] priemnaya [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Building accompanies people from the time immemorial. We built, are building and will build bridges, buildings and facilities, airports, roads and many other things. Builders are a head of any processes and advance in any industry or area, for in any spot of the World you will first of all see the results of their work as tourist attractions — unique monuments of architecture.

Main our goal is to provide the students with all the necessary knowledge and teach them thinking creatively, develop their ability of critical thinking and conscious perception of the new and support their professional development.

The beginning of construction engineering education in Krasnoyarsk Territory dates back to 1956, when the first students were enrolled for the major “Industrial and Civil Construction”. Then as construction industry grew in the region, in 1981 the decision on foundation of the University of Engineering and Construction in Krasnoyarsk was taken. Then in 1995 this successful institution was renamed into Krasnoyarsk Academy of Architecture and Construction. In 2006 the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to merge four Krasnoyarsk Institutions of Higher Education and established “Siberian Federal University”, and so in the frames of SibFU School of Urban Planning and Construction, Management and Regional Economy was formed, which was reorganized in 2010 and divided into three separate schools, one of which was School of Engineering and Construction. As time passed in these 30 years our School proved its status of a sustainable partner and respected and recognized institution by improving our facilities and equipment, establishing educational and research laboratories, accrediting new majors for training engineers and highly-qualified staff.

In future you can be:

  • An architect of zero-energy building. An engineer, designing energy-autonomous buildings, that can be independent of central source of energy and capable of providing themselves with energy by micro-generation of energy (trigeneration, alternative sources of energy, etc.) and use of energy efficient materials and constructions.
  • A design engineer of high speed rail roads. An engineer, who designs railway facilities for high-speed rail roads, paying attention to climate and peculiarities of the territory. In nearest future in Russia this profession will be highly demanded in the labour market due to the beginning of modern high-speed railroad construction.
  • A design engineer of smart-house infrastructure. An engineer, specializes in development, adjustment and assembling of smart-house system (for example, water supply, safety systems, household appliances, energy efficiency etc.).
  • Construction site supervisor. An engineer in construction where digital models of the facility are used, who implements pattern recognition systems for evaluation of construction process and corrects construction taking into consideration this analysis data results.
  • A system engineer for onshore infrastructure. A specialist, who deals with development and adaptation of technologies, improving sustainability of shore facilities, including various risks (anthropogenic or natural disasters).
  • A specialist on modernization of construction technologies whose area of expertise is modern technology in construction (for instance, using structures made of advanced materials for restoration of existing buildings and facilities, application of modern solutions in energy and water supply, and waste water disposal).

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