School of Business Management | Siberian Federal University

School of Business Management

Director: Zoya A. Vasilyeva

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 26A Kirensky st., Room Д 4-32, 660074 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: iubpe [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

The Schools trains business process managers for oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, energy development, transport, mining and smelting industry, construction, as well as for small business, modern and innovative companies, regional governmental structures and municipal institutions.

Our School training system enable to realize modern model of personal development, made of such components as Life-long learning, fundamental education within the framework of Bachelor’s degree programmes (HR management, Economics, Management, Computer Science in the Business, Applied Computer Science), Specialist programmes (Economic Security), Master’s degree programmes (Economics, Management, Applied Computer Science), postgraduate programmes to obtain a degree of candidate of science, or via gaining deeper scope of knowledge in a precise area, attending programmes of professional retraining, which take into account up-to-date trends in development of economics, innovations in management and computing technology.

With the help of strategic partners the School achieves objectives that help to integrate scientific, project, educational and international activities, studying economic objective laws and their specifics in practice of organizations.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • A startup mentor supervises new startup teams, gives consultations in running a business.
  • A corporate anthropologist is an expert in market research using anthropologic methods. This specialist increases correlation between a company and a target audience.
  • An energy market specialist possesses a good knowledge of Russian and global energy consumption markets, and energy supply. Demand for such specialist is caused by the increase of competition in the energy market and active position of private companies.
  • A portfolio manager for corporate venture capital deals with companies investments in startups.
  • A community development programme coordinator organizes and supports dialogue between independent teams of manufacturers, approves long-term goals and a common vision of the future, helps them with a programme of joint investment in production and human assets. All in all, this specialist operates as a director for strategy development for independent team communities.

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