Law School | Siberian Federal University

Law School

Director: Irina V. Shishko


Address: 6 Maerchaka str., Room 3-06, 660075 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: law [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Law School was founded in 1955. During the long period it has become one of the main centers of training specialists in the law sphere in Russia.

Law School is the member of the Association of Russian Legal Education, which unites the leading Russian law schools (the education activity of these schools meets all requirements of state standards), and it is also the member of Russian Law School Associations.

In 2010-2011 Law School successfully obtained public accreditation of the Association of Russian lawyers and the Association of Russian legal education.
Since 2010 the education program “Law” has been included into the list of the best educational programs of Russian Federation according to the project results “The best educational programs of innovative Russia”.

More than two thousand students study at Law School. Educational activity is carried out according to the programs of higher educational, post graduate and further vocational education.

In future you will probably become:

  • Bioethicist. The specialist in ethic and law activity aspects of diagnostic, bioengineering and medical centers, working with genetic modelling and transplantation.
  • Virtual lawyer. The specialist providing remote legal support via the Internet and under the existing law of the country where the case is handled (no matter in what country the lawyer works).
  • Moderator of the personal charitable efforts platform. He forms the database of personal queries for help (single pensioners, cancer patients or children) and provides the contact between those who need help and people, who wish to provide charity in different ways (mutual having a good time, contributions, money etc.)
  • Network lawyer. The professional who creates regulatory legal cooperation via the Internet (including virtual world), implements the forms of legal protection of people and property via the Internet (including virtual property).
  • Social worker who helps disabled people to get adapted via the Internet. The professional who helps disabled people to get adapted to normal life, in particular teaching skills of on-line work, the organization of leisure time and working process (for example, selection of education courses, communication platform, on-line communities etc.).
  • Electronic trading specialist. The professional for transactional support in electronic trading.

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