Polytechnic school | Siberian Federal University

Polytechnic school

Director: Michail Pervukhin

Web-site: polytech.sfu-kras.ru (in russian)

Address: 26А Kirensky st., Room Д2-09, 660074 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: pi [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Choosing a future major is a very important step as your future depends on it. After graduation you will appear at a labor market under the stress of changing economic situations. So you need to pay attention to the majors which are in demand in modern world, specifically to energy, mechanical engineering and transport. And one of the best possible choices for you is to enter SibFU.

Polytechnic school is one of the largest subdivisions of SibFU, 18 departments with about 480 people as faculty and staff, and more then 3500 students. Each major includes specializations that allow students to get deep training for a particular sphere of engineering. One particular thing about specializations at our School is that broad scope of knowledge and qualification level of our graduates enables them to have a successful career in production and design companies on one hand, and do business in commercial or economic sector.

Many of our graduates of various years Не случайно многие выпускники института разных лет (Polytechnic School trained over 60 000 students) became ministers at regional and federal level, governors and majors, deputies of the State Duma, leading experts, or CEOs of most of the enterprises in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Furthermore, dozens of our graduated have been awarded candidate or doctoral degrees.

Our departments also have modern laboratories keep up with the times: they are equipped with industrial up-to-date computers, tools and automated machines. Polytechnic Schools actively develops research in synthesis of new instrument and construction materials, design of machines and devises, energy- and recourse efficient units.

After graduation from Polytechnic School you can become:

  • A designer of mobile energy units. Designer of mobile generating systems creates goods for individual use (shoes, clothes) based on the function of microgeneration of energy.
  • A defender of heat and electric energy consumers’ right. They check energy networks to meet the safety requirements, efficiency and other consumers’ demands, and advise in the field of energy efficiency legislation.
  • A transport network safety engineer analyses and monitors informational, technological and, ecological threats to transport networks.
  • An engineer of energy grid for energy distribution — a specialist who analyses possible failures in the system, prognosticates optimal operation modes, is competent in the sphere of designed safety provision for energy grids and waste disposal. This specialist also can put into “smart networks” and knows the methods of non-destructive testing.
  • An engineer for composite materials selects composite materials for production of mechanisms, parts, robot devices with specified parameters, connectors, with the usage of 3D printing.
  • A manager on modernization of energy generation systems, who manages modernization of power plants: Heat Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants; introduces modern methods of safety provision, environmental friendliness and resource use efficiency.
  • A power engineer for weather dependent systems. This specialist optimizes operation modes of the generating capacities taking into consideration climatic conditions, and forecasts the level of energy production depending on long-term weather forecasts.

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