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Career at SibFU

What we offer

You will be provided with extensive opportunities for personal growth and professional development. As a member of one of the leading universities in Russia you will contribute to the state-of-art research and collaborate with the leaders in your field. You will also participate in various educational and scientific projects and play an important role in teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate students.

Join us today

Siberian Federal University ensures equal employment opportunities for all applicants. All candidates will receive equal consideration and will not be discriminated against on any grounds.

There might be no open position available at the moment matching your qualifications but we still encourage you to apply as your candidacy shall be considered as soon as a suitable position opens.

International Staff Services

In order to make your experience in Krasnoyarsk warm and comfortable we provide the following services:

  • accomodation
  • counseling
  • Russian language course
  • wide range of social events and activities
  • sports facilities

Career services

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you at Siberian Federal University!

Please direct all your inquiries regarding employment in the SibFU to:

E-mail: work [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru


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