Sergey M. Gerashchenko | Siberian Federal University

Sergey M. Gerashchenko

Sergey GerashchenkoPresent position: Director of the Institute of Architecture and Design

Address: 82 Svobodny pr., Room 5-31, 660041 Krasnoyarsk
E-mail: gera [dot] sm [at] mail [dot] ru
Tel: +7 391 206-29-25, +7 391 206-29-27

Sergey Gerashchenko is a graduate of Moscow Architectural Institute where he obtained his specialist’s degree in 1975. His doctoral degree was earned in 1985. His research interests are in architecture, urban construction, and architectural design. He is a recipient of various awards including that of Distinguished Architect from the Russian Government. Professor Gerashchenko teaching focus at Siberian Federal University is in architectural design.


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