Siberian Federal University becomes a member of the Carbon Engineering Consortium | Siberian Federal University

Siberian Federal University becomes a member of the Carbon Engineering Consortium

On February 19, 2021, Maksim Rumiantsev, rector of Siberian Federal University, signed an agreement on creating an Intelligent Agricultural Systems and Carbon Engineering R&D consortium together with other eight organizations. The consortium members are LETI St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, OOO Synergy Technologies, V.L.Komarov Botanical Institute (RAS), Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology (RAS), Akari-Center Innovation Company, Don State Technical University. The signing took place at the LETI (St. Petersburg).

The main goal of creating the R&D consortium is to combine the scientific, production, educational potential of its members to achieve breakthrough results in training qualified personnel and implementing innovative solutions in production.
The next step will be developing a single strategy detailing joint activities and specific interdisciplinary projects involving digital technologies and artificial intelligence for the period up to 2025. The planned areas are:

  • development of organic agriculture for public health improvement and soil fertility restoration
  • creation of regenerative smart agriculture, remote monitoring and direct measurement of soil carbon stocks
  • development of new agricultural technologies to increase carbon sequestration
  • achievement of good environmental status, which involves measuring, quantifying and predicting the state of soils and forests, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural industry

According to Maksim Rumiantsev, university science has the solid foundation in almost all areas of the consortium's work:

“Such areas as ecology, Earth remote sensing, carbon footprint, and genomics are well developed at the university. We are participants in a large project on a new generation of agricultural products, funded by a grant. Joining forces with organizations recognized as authoritative in these areas will strengthen all stakeholders. Thus, SibFU scientific teams have already formulated their proposals for joint work in the consortium at a special strategic session that preceded the signing.

We also hope that this agreement will open up new networking opportunities, particularly for master's degree students and post-graduates. It also implies cross-disciplinary research carried out by students supervised by all parties, joint internships, and further education courses.”.


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