SSIT Strengthens Cooperation with Northern University of Malaysia | Siberian Federal University

SSIT Strengthens Cooperation with Northern University of Malaysia

From 3 February to 20 April 2021, Siberian Federal University and Northern University of Malaysia held a series of joint online webinars in the field of information technology in English.

On behalf of Malaysian University, two lecturers gave their talks about artificial intelligence, the features of use and existing algorithms of swarm intelligence. In turn, the staff of the School of Space and Information Technologies held three lectures, their videos on Facebook in total scored more than 3000 views.

«It was an interesting experience of interaction when the borders were closed. In the future, cooperation is planned within the framework of the development of artificial intelligence methods as there are our points of contact and mutual interests. Another cycle of lectures is planned in the autumn,” — said the deputy director for Research at SSIT Yekaterina Zhang. “We are also willing to invite the colleagues to teach and carry out scientific supervision in a remote format in the framework of the English-language postgraduate programs of our School. From our side, we are going to present the English-language programs and sign a bilateral agreement on cooperation.»

A representative of the Northern University of Malaysia took part in the English-language section Methods of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the framework of the Prospekt Svobodny International Youth Conference.

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