The 17th conference Prospekt Svobodny at SibFU | Siberian Federal University

The 17th conference Prospekt Svobodny at SibFU

The 17th International Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists Prospekt Svobodny 2021 is held at Siberian Federal University. This scientific event is dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and started on 19 April and will end on 24 April 2021.

According to the organizers, this year’s conference has become the largest in its seventeen-year history – about 3000 participants and 83 sections during these 5 days.

«Last year, for obvious reasons, the conference was held entirely online. It was a rewarding experience as we were able to significantly expand our youth conference through online communications. And this year, we decided not to give up this practice. As a result, we have more than 400 nonresident participants from 69 Russian cities. Plus foreigners. Today, the Prospekt Svobodny is a modern international digital platform, open and hospitable for talented young people not only from Russia,» — said Natalia Bakhova.

Top 5 most ambitious sections:

  • Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Information Security (71 participants);
  • Problems of Theory and History of State and Law (54 participants);
  • Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering (51 participants);
  • Materials Science and Technology of Materials (51 participants);
  • Resource and Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Development Projects (50 participants).

According to Anna Mezit, head of the Department for International Cooperation, 42 foreigners took part in the conference this year.

“Over the recent years, the conference has become authoritative and known outside of Russia. The participating countries are Belarus, Germany, Barbados, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Peru, the Republic of Mali, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil, Armenia. There are also sections in English, where foreigners will also be co-chairs,” — said the head of the international department.

The English-language sections:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Challenge of the Time
  • Future Technologies and Materials
  • From the Cell to the Forest: Using Dendrochronology to Understand Forests Response to Climate Change New Trends in Hydropower Engineering and Hydrotechnical Construction
  • Interdisciplinary research and project of Honors College students

Vice-rector for research Ruslan Baryshev: “Prospekt Svobodny is one of the most beloved conferences at the university, and primarily because of the participants. They are always scientifically charged youth: students and young scientists from Russian and foreign universities under the age of 35. I am sure that over the years of its existence, the conference (it was called Youth and Science) issued a ticket to the scientific world for many and many worthy and respected scientists in the academic world.”

Following the results of the conference, an electronic collection of scientific papers will be published and will include the talks of the winners (I, II, III places) and papers of the conference participants which were reviewed within the work of the sections and received a recommendation from the organizing committee of the section for publication at the expense of the participants. The collection will be uploaded to the RSCI database.

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