The project of the first world-class climate REC presented to the RSEE experts | Siberian Federal University

The project of the first world-class climate REC presented to the RSEE experts

On July 6, 2021, SibFU presented the project of the first world-class climate scientific and educational centre, which the university applied for, in the framework of the Resource Economy, Climate Change and Rational Use of Natural Resources, a 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Russian Society of Ecological Economics.

The REC is planned to be included in the federal scientific and technical program for the environmental development of Russia until 2030, will participate in the creation and implementation of the Clean Air and Preservation of Forests federal projects.

“The interest in environmental economics at our university is strategic. We believe that this area has great potential for the development of research, the results of which should take a worthy place on the pages of highly-rated international scientific journals. It is especially important that this conference is being held right now, when the university, chaired by the governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss, is participating in the competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to support world-class scientific and educational centres. The main idea of our application is precisely the greening of the economy of our macroregion. As part of this block of tasks, we invite all interested parties to cooperate and we will be glad to any assistance in objectives which the Research and Educational Centre has set,” said Ruslan Baryshev, vice–rector for Research, Siberian Federal University.

RIEE-2021 conference will last until July 10. The conference co-chairs are Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific director of Siberian Federal University Eugene Vaganov, and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, SB RA, Valeriy Kryukov. Among the participants are head of the Department of Environmental Economics at Lomonosov Moscow State University Sergey Bobylev, head of the Department of Environmental Management and Ecology of the Council for the Study of the Productive Forces of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Anatoly Shevchuk. The organizers also note an active participation of researchers from the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (SB RAS), the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems (RAS), the Center for Environmental Industrial Policy.

The conference will discuss issues of national and regional environmental policy, sustainable development of territories and sectors of the economy, problems and prospects for the transition to a green economy, consider the possibilities of interaction between government, business and civil society in solving environmental and economic issues, discuss indicators and goals of sustainable development, their adaptation to national conditions.

“Today we are discussing sustainable development. In my opinion, it includes three components: economic, environmental and social. It is necessary to take into account what people want, to create infrastructural opportunities. In my presentation, I cited the results of full-scale sociological surveys of the inhabitants of the northern territories," noted Ivan Potravny, professor of the Specialised Department for Capital Group Project and Program Management, G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. "Experts of the highest level have gathered here, and the top specialists, representatives of scientific schools and centres took the floor with their presentation in breakthrough areas: climate change, resource economy, rational nature management. The work of the conference and the developments that are presented here ensure the implementation of the Russian development strategy.”

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