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Yenisey Siberia REC: a world-class scientific and educational centre

On 9 July 2021, governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss presented the project of Yenisey Siberia Research and Educational Centre (REC), the first in Russia, at a meeting of the Council of world-class research and educational centres chaired by Dmitry Chernyshenko, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation.

As a result of the presentation of the head of the region, the members of the Council supported the project and unanimously decided to recognize Yenisey Siberia REC as a scientific and educational centre of the world level. This first climatic REC became one of 15 research and educational centres established in Russia within the framework of the Science national project. According to its goals, Russia should become one of the five leading countries carrying out R&Ds in priority areas of scientific and technological development in 2024.

The interregional REC will unite 28 leading scientific, educational and industrial organizations in Krasnoyarsk Territory and Russia, becoming a centre for the development of new technologies in the field of environmental sciences. Currently, its portfolio includes 10 technology projects and over 40 events, which are dedicated to monitoring forests to regulate the absorption of carbon emissions, the creation of carbon grounds for monitoring greenhouse gases, the formation of monitoring systems for industrial emissions and waste, wildfires in Siberia and other relevant topics.

Aleksander Uss, governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory: «Yenisey Siberia REC will contribute both to the solution of the issues on the global climate agenda, and to the social, environmental and economic development of Krasnoyarsk Territory, the republics of Tyva and Khakassia, and will help improve the regional investment climate. This research and educational centre will create more than 70 thousand new jobs by 2024. Its projects will ensure the receipt of over 500 billion roubles in tax payments to the budgets at different levels, and a 2.5 increase in the turnover of small and medium-sized businesses».

“This strategic goal is quite ambitious: the achievement of world scientific and technological leadership in key sectors of specialization of the economy of Yenisey Siberia and the solution of the issues of social development of the territories. The plans are not only to ensure the development of science and education in the field of climate management, but also to obtain new technologies for export-oriented enterprises that will be able to maintain and expand their positions in global markets,” said SibFU's rector Maksim Rumiantsev. “But the creation of the climatic REC has a long-term goal too: to create a centre for training a new generation of unique personnel in Siberia, who will be in demand both in Russia and abroad.”

Krasnoyarsk Territory is the second largest constituent entity of Russia which embraces all climatic zones and a large number of forests which are primary natural carbon sinks. The region has unique installations such as an international station in the Arctic zone where greenhouse gases are monitored in the surface layers of the atmosphere. The creation of a world-class research and educational centre here is a logical step in the development of the innovative, scientific and educational sector of Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Tyva and the Republic of Khakassia. In the face of aggravating environmental challenges, Yenisey Siberia, as the country's first climatic REC, will become a tool for improving the region's environmental situation and the largest platform for decarbonization of the Russian economy.


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