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Start-up Academy at SibFU

A large-scale presentation took place on Friday. Students and university staff learnt about the Gastronomic R&D Park strategic project and its dimensions, with Startup Academy as one of the priorities.

The Gastronomic R&D Park, being a part of the Priority 2030 program, is one of the 4 flagship vectors of the development of SibFU in the coming years. The main task of the project this year is the launch of a university startup factory and integration of research and educational potential into the entrepreneurial environment of the subjects of the Yenisey Siberia.

“The gastropark in 2022 is primarily about working out traditional business forms in the hospitality industry, attracting talented young innovative entrepreneurs to the industry, and, as a result, changing the image of the industry, increasing technology, innovation and knowledge intensity in this business — from creating digital services to automating business processes,Natalia Bakhova, head of the Gastronomic R&D Park project, said about the initiative.

The Startup Academy will be engaged in the implementation and promotion of promising projects (educational, high-tech, technological, industrial) through a venture studio. This is a one-stop shop platform where students and staff of SibFU can receive infrastructure, resource, investment and expert assistance to implement their entrepreneurial ideas. A special expert commission will review business projects, select the best ones and help in their implementation.

“The task of the Startup Academy is to teach all its participants different aspects of work. Administration, management of business processes, personnel, and, most importantly, the entrepreneurial streak. It is necessary to pay attention to what people want — what they lack, what they complain about, what and where can be improved in existing processes. And to meet these identified needs, you can create your own business that will be commercially successful,Alexey Gorensky, director of the School of Gastronomy and founder of Bellini Group, commented on the launch of the project.

The Startup Academy will also be integrated into the university's training process. To begin with, individual courses and entire programs will be available to participants of the Startup Academy. Moreover, the future plans include bridging cooperation with Skolkovo Business School. Student projects will turn into course papers and even theses.

According to Nikolay Grigoriev, head of the Startup Academy, students will receive additional skills and knowledge without being distracted from training for their major: “Now we are actively attracting partners for the development and operation of the project. There are companies and people who are just ready to invest. There are companies that have grown out of startups themselves and can teach something. This will result in a unique environment where you can get entrepreneurial skills and use them both to create your own business and in everyday life to understand economic processes in the society.

Already this year, two gastronomic projects will be implemented on the SibFU campus: a pizzeria and a bakery. They mean not only the production itself, but also delivery, as well as the organization of points of sale. You can still become a member of the team and participate in the creation of a startup before 18 March.

To take part in this year's projects or propose your own idea, contact the head of the Academy, Nikolay Grigoriev ( ,

The organizers of the SibFU's Startup Academy draw attention to the fact that a student of any field of training, major and level of education, as well as teaching staff and researchers can join the project. There are plans to launch projects not only of a gastronomic orientation. For example, during the meeting there was a presentation of an IT project — TalentA electronic platform for the university, which will store data on achievements of students: practical training, additional education, language skills, etc. This will help employers to select their future employees already at the stage of their training.

Send your proposals to include the topics of final theses of students into the Startup as a Thesis format (as a real business project created by one student or a team, or at the idea stage) for supervision in the 2022-2023 academic year within the framework of the Startup Academy project to, deadline for the proposals is 1 September 2022.


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