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Hiking tour to the Stolby Reserve

PhotosOn April 10, a hiking tour to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby took place, organized jointly with the Peoples’ Friendship center. More than 70 foreign students of SibFU and students of Russian language courses spent Sunday hiking, talking, having fun, enjoying nature and beautiful landscapes. Despite the difficulties on the ascents, the guys overcame the entire declared route and were satisfied.

Amirbek Alimov, Deputy Chairman of the Peoples’ Friendship Center, shared his impression of participating in the organization of the tour: "Despite the responsibility, I did not forget to greet the townspeople, because there is a custom in the Stolby to greet everyone. I also once again made sure that during the campaign the level of trust in each other increases to the maximum limit."

The students also shared their opinion about the tour.

It was so far the first time I've been to the Stolby Reserve and I really enjoyed it! Primordial Siberian natural beauty, fresh air, a small river, mountains and changeable weather. It is very interesting.

But the difficulty of climbing the mountain impressed me the most. I thought that the mountain is not very high, but the climb is very difficult. It was hard for me to go down the mountain on my own because of my physical strength, and two Egyptian students offered me selfless help. And everything was very good. I will definitely go hiking next time!”, said Qin Zheng (China), the student of the School of Philology and Language Communication.

«It was my second time in the Stolby Reserve. This is a very amazing place! I really like nature there, there is very clean and fresh air, as well as a very beautiful forest.

You can meet new people while hiking. This time we had fun, we joked a lot, sang songs, danced and took pictures.

We did not feel tired, despite the fact that we walked and climbed the mountain for a long time. We supported each other.

All in all, I liked it and I hope to visit this place again”, — commented Mahmoud Abdellatif (Egypt), the student of the School of Philology and Language Communication.

Gulomali shared photos.

The next trip to the Stolby is planned for May. Students will go to the Central part of the Stolby Reserve. Follow the news in the VKontakte group of International Students and Staff Support Office.


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