SibFU to Train Computer Game Developers | Siberian Federal University

SibFU to Train Computer Game Developers

Starting from the new academic year, the School of Space and Information Technologies of SibFU is starting an educational program Development of Computer Games and Applications. Prospective students apply for the program Information Systems and Technologies and will be able to choose the profile that interests them after enrollment.

This program is unique because it will be implemented online. It is based on a carefully designed studying process which includes e-learning and conventional educational system.

The list of the disciplines of the educational program:

  • Computer Games Software;
  • Game Design;
  • Mobile Software Development;
  • 3D Graphics and Modeling;
  • Browser Games Development;
  • 3D Modeling and Animation;
  • User Experience Design;
  • Narrative Design;
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence.

The acquired skills can be applied when working in the following areas: computer game developer; game designer; narrative designer; programmer; interface designer (UX/UI designer); developer of WEB and multimedia applications.

You can apply for a new program this summer.


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