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SibFU to Hold the Summer University Again

The Summer University federal project will be held at 14 Russian universities from 10 till 24 July 2022. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and operated by Pskov State University. The idea is to immerse foreign students in the Russian scientific and educational space and contribute to the development of sustainable international student communities within leading Russian universities.

Along with the leading Russian universities, Siberian Federal University is the host of the project – for the second time – and offers international students to apply for the training course Global Entrepreneurship in Real and Virtual Space: ESG Transformation of the Economy within Management major.

There is nothing accidental in the choice of topic and training area. First of all, SibFU has extensive experience in organizing such events, as over the past few years our university hosted 7 international schools dedicated specifically to global entrepreneurship and digital transformation with more than 150 participating students from Europe, Eastern countries, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Another point in favour of the Management is that in 2021 three training programs of Siberian Federal University were included in the top list of the Russian ranking of the best business training programs.

The course is intended for 700 participants. Our applicants are the third- and fourth-year students from 9 countries. They will be offered training in 25 additional educational programs. Apart from training activities, the university organizes tours, sports events, thematic meetings and workshops.

For the first time, the Summer University project was held in 2021 as a large-scale educational project with the Union State — the Republic of Belarus. Following the successful experience of the last year, the project has been scaled up and implies inviting students from other countries.

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