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SibFU in International Associations

  • University of Arctic (UArctic)

    The University of the Arctic is cooperative network of universities, colleges and other organizations, working in the sphere of higher education and exploratory activity in the North. Members of UArctic share resources, opportunities and experience for creating educational programs of higher education, which are suitable and accessible for students in the North. The objective of the UArctic is creating stable and constantly developing subpolar region by forming favorable conditions for northerners and Northern nationalities through education and knowledge sharing.

  • University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

    University of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is an Asian analogue project of the system of The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) launched (including Russian initiative) along with the Bologna Process. The main mission of the SCO University is the implementation of joint training of highly qualified human resources through concerted innovative educational programs in the priority fields for the economic and social development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

  • Eurasian Association of Universities

    The Euroasian Universities Association (EUA) was established as the Universities Association of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) at the Constituent Congress in 1989, on the initiative of Lomonosov Moscow State University, supported by the twenty largest universities of the USSR. Today the EUA is the reputable international organization of universities which includes the national universities of the whole Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), leading regional universities and higher educational institutions of the Eurasian region.

  • Association of Sino-Russian Economic Universities (in russian)

    Russian-Chinese Association of Economic Universities was established in November 23, 2013 in Beijing. From the Russian part the Association includes fourteen largest higher education institutions, in China – University of International Business and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Harbin Business University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and other universities. The Association became the third union of Russian and Chinese universities, continuing policy of rapprochement of our educational environments, including contributing to the improvement of the legal framework in the field of education.

  • Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

    Russia and China, being the world powers in the field of technical education, reinforce collaboration between leading polytechnic universities of the two countries and, at the same time, provide solid foundation for sharing experience. Increase of the state’s capability to innovations mostly promotes higher engineering education in these two countries, and in its turn, it plays a significant role in developing both the structure of the world industrial complex and the system of resource allocation in the world.

Strategic partners of the SibFU

  • National Instruments

    “National Instruments” (USA) is a leader in the development and production of hardware and software for the automation of measurement, experiment, diagnostics, control over a wide range of applications. “National Instruments” produces measuring components and systems of PXI standard, modules of signal balancing, computer vision system and motion control system.

  • Russian Academy of Sciences

    Russian Academy of Science was founded on 28 January in 1724. It is reconstructed by the decree of the president of Russian Federation on 21 November in 1991 as the supreme research institution in Russia. Cooperation agreement is concluded of the complete integration in the fields of research, human resources, information, consulting and innovation.

  • Ministry of Education and Science

    November 26, 2010 Siberian Federal University and the Ministry of Education and Science signed an agreement on the procedure and conditions for granting subsidies to financial support for the implementation of the Development program of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Siberian Federal University."

  • State corporation “Rosatom”

    June 27, 1954 in Obninsk (Kaluga region) the first nuclear power plant in the world was launched. Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and SibFU signed a cooperation agreement aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of using personnel, resources and scientific and technical potential of the organizations of the nuclear industry with the involvement of the achievements in the field of education and science.

  • JSC "MMC" Norilsk Nickel

    Joint stock company "Mining and Metallurgical Company" "Norilsk Nickel" and "Siberian Federal University" concluded an agreement on strategic partnership on 27 August in 2010.

  • JSC "RusHydro"

    Siberian Federal University and Joint Stock Company "RusHydro" concluded an agreement on strategic partnership.

  • PLC "Vankorneft"

    Siberian Federal University and PLC "Vankorneft" concluded an agreement on strategic partnership.

  • JSC "Polyus Gold"

    The official date of establishment of the JSC "Polyus Gold" is March 17, 2006 – the date of company's official registration. The agreement on collaboration was signed.

  • JSC "SUEK"

    November 16, 2011 Siberian Federal University and JSC "SUEK" signed an agreement of intent to December 31, 2016.

  • The State Russian Museum

    It is the largest in Russia museum of Russian fine art and modern art (along with the Tretyakov Gallery). It was established in 1895 and opened in 1898 in the Mikhailovsky Palace. On the 14th of May in 2010 the agreement with The State Russian Museum on the formation of the Informational and Educational Centre (IEC) "The Russian Museum: virtual branch" on the basis of the School for the Humanities of the Siberian Federal University and the Scientific Library of the Siberian Federal university was signed.

  • Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

    Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation was established in 2004. Since 2006, the Fund's activities have extended to the largest Siberian region - Krasnoyarsk territory.
    Foundation for Cultural Initiatives of Mikhail Prokhorov collaborates with the SibFU in the implementation of educational projects, organization and holding of conferences.

  • Delcam International Company

    Delcam is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM solutions for the manufacturing industry. Delcam's range of design, manufacturing and inspection software provides complete, automated CADCAM solutions, to take complex-shaped products from concept to reality.

  • GexCon Corporation

    Siberian Federal University and GexCon Corporation signed an agreement on strategic partnership on 31 January in 2012.

  • East Siberian Branch of Sberbank of Russia

    The Savings Bank of Russia was founded on February 2, 1867.

  • The East-Siberian branch of RosBank, Inc.

    The East-Siberian branch of RosBank Inc. has been working since November 29, 2004. Nowadays RosBank is one of the major general strategic partner of the SibFU.

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