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Scientific Environment

Siberian Federal University strives to set priorities for recruiting top quality faculty and graduate students, creating research partnerships with other universities around the world, communicating with government and industry to create and maintain research partnerships, encourage synergies between disciplines and across Siberian Federal University’s four campuses.

Siberian Federal University is relatively small, so there is easy interchange among departments and divisions of the university, yet it is large enough to provide opportunities for stimulating consultation in various areas of intellectual curiosity. The university is situated in central Siberia, within a twelve hour trip from Novosibirsk State University, Tomsk State University and the research centres of various Siberian cities (Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch). Our proximity to the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre is especially advantageous, allowing frequent exchange of speakers and visitors. In addition, Siberian Federal University works closely with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Ministry for Research and Education.

The beautiful forest surrounding the university campus offers calm environment conducive to research and reflection while still within an industrial Siberian centre.

Researchers at Siberian Federal University work in constant partnership with industry, government and other universities to break new grounds in their chosen discipline.

The university has sundry contacts with research intensive industries in the area, including those in the field of satellite technology and nuclear energy. Our numerous research and teaching contacts include those with the universities of Central Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and with universities and research centres located in Europe, Northern America, Japan and China.

Scientific development and the advancement of knowledge at Siberian Federal University are part of a long tradition of research that dates back to the early years of four universities that formed the basis of the merger. Basic or applied, theoretical or practical, research at Siberian Federal University covers the full range of modern thought and encourages interdisciplinary research.

Academic and socio-economic priorities are closely connected. Siberian socio-economic priorities suggest the following major research areas:

  • Mineral Exploration and Geological Engineering (Oil, Gas, Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals), Timber Resources
  • Hi-Tech Industries and Innovative Science Practices
  • Transportation
  • Satellite Technology and Telecommunications
  • Northern Community Development and Relocating
  • Environmental Engineering and Management
  • Local Economy and Management

Siberian Federal University, with close to 3 500 billion roubles ($140 million) in prospective research funding, will excel in outstanding research and creative activity that fuel discovery and advance knowledge. Research is undertaken in 36 faculties and helps to develop the dynamic and collaborative spirit of SibFU’s research teams made up of professors, researchers and graduate students.

Research takes place both on campus and at the Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch) making use of knowledge and skills of the faculty doing research at nationally and internationally recognized scientific centres. In addition, the university research is expected to benefit from the participation of international scientific community.

To reinforce its identity as a research intensive university, Siberian Federal University makes strong efforts to enable faculty members and students to perform their work at an internationally recognized standard. The university is expected to develop several basic research areas in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch) and to create 20 new chairs and 55 new laboratories conducting research in crystal physics, physical and chemical biology, basic ecology, non-organic materials, physics, chemistry, computation.

Siberian Federal University is publishing its own journal which is supposed to involve prominent scholars in contributing to its content.

Graduate education and research go hand-in-hand. The great discoveries of the 21st century will undoubtedly come from the creative efforts of university faculty working closely with bright and motivated graduate students. Graduate students, particularly those pursuing the doctoral degree, broaden the knowledge base of their disciplines in countless ways. SibFU’s students work one-on-one with the SibFU’s faculty on selected research projects.

The university’s graduate programs have produced generations of professionals in a wide variety of disciplines, many of whom have risen to positions of prominence in Siberia, Russia and the world.

Prospective and Current Areas of Research and Development:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Materials Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Biophysics, Ecology, Biotechnology
  • Aerospace Industry and IT
  • Regional Economy and Human Resource Management
  • Geotechnology

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