Research Project "Bioluminescent Biotechnologies" | Siberian Federal University

Research Project "Bioluminescent Biotechnologies"

Years: 2010–2012
Keywords: bioluminescent, bioluminescent system, luciferin
Site: (in russian)

The research was conducted in three basic interconnected areas devoted to advanced scientific knowledge and results, the new academic programs and products in (methods, technologies, instruments):

  • Molecular-cellular organization of bioluminescent systems of various organisms;
  • Development of high-efficiency analytical bioluminescent technologies and their application in biology, medical diagnosis and environmental monitoring environment;
  • Development of bioluminescence-phenomenon-based educational programs. The leading international and Russian scientists having advanced experience in the areas mentioned above as well as a great number of graduate and postgraduate students from the SibFU and other Russian universities were involved in the research.

Supervises research is Osamu Shimomura — The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008.

The main fundamental results are:

  • new chemical structure definition: the luciferin for bioluminescent system of enchytraeids Frederica heliota was specified and synthesized;
  • localization of structure elements responsible for bioluminescence of higher fungi;
  • evidence for key role of the water molecule in emitter formation inside photoproteins.


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