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Journal of Siberian Federal University

Journal of SibFU is a scientific peer-reviewed magazine and periodicity of its series publication is once a quarter. Articles are published in the chronological order after they have gone the procedure of reviewing, which is “hard and fast” according to the international requirements.

Every article is considered by at least two highly qualified specialists of the given direction, those who have a wide experience of publishing in well-known journals. Publication is free of charge for all authors.

Main language of publications, which are accepted to the Journal, is English. Nevertheless, the Journal is bi-lingual; it means that we afford authors an opportunity to choose whom they address their articles to: the world scientific society, which speaks and writes in English, which, at present time, is the international language, or by some reason they wish to limit their readership only by the Russian-speaking audience.

We are sure that the Journal of SibFU affords its authors a brilliant opportunity for integrating their research results into the modern informational space.

The Series of Journal

All Journal's issues with full texts are published on its web site.

Contact Information

Editor: Michael Gladyshev (e-mail: glad [at] ibp [dot] ru)
Managing Editor: Olga Alexandrova (tel: +7 391 244-82-31, e-mail: journal [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru)
Website: (English)


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