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Student Testimonials

Leung Tze Ming (China)

“They tell in our country that people find themselves in the same boat if they have been striving for this in past lives for hundreds of years. Therefore, it seems to me that I was destined to get to Siberian Federal University! I remember when many years ago I learnt that Siberia was the land of great frost. These words rocked my mind, and I made a tourist trip on the Siberian railway. Years passed, and no matter how changeable life was, my way again led me to this snow-white land. In China, a long study is figuratively called ten years spent at a desk near a cold window. It has never occurred to me to come for an internship in Siberia before. But the reality is a series of random coincidences and surprises. When the time to choose a graduate school came, the word "Siberia" emerged once again from the depths of my mind. So I found Siberian Federal University and sent my doctoral research plan to its School of Architecture, where, perhaps, a desk at the cold window waited for me indeed. The opportunity of researching according to my conceived plan was a paramount issue in obtaining a doctoral degree for me. The School became interested in my plan, so I chose to study at Siberian Federal University without further ado. The admission process was successful. I was required to submit a research plan, a master's thesis and previously published research articles (this was the main part of the procedure). I can not say that researching and studying were hard for me, but still, this path was long and thorny. Fortunately, the SibFU staff did their best to help me. For example, the university provided me with courses related to the research methodology. Most of the time I spent at the computer, building models of urban projects and analyzing data, and my supervisor occasionally gave valuable pieces of advice on the subtleties of analysis and modelling. We have developed friendly and good student-lecturer relations. As for everyday life in Siberia, I cannot describe the sensations that you experience walking along a street in -30 degrees in the midst of a snowstorm. But if you come here to study, it means that ties that bind connect your fate with the frosty winter. By the way, as for that “desk at the window”, my threats turned out to be vain, it is always warm and comfortable inside. And another thing: even if there is really cold outside, people do not tend to be cold at all. Most of them are extremely friendly. Besides, the local long winters forced me to reconsider my attitude towards the bustle that is always absorbing us and to start appreciating the wonderful summer days and every moment of life even more.”

Sai Krishna Padamata (India)

“I decided to do research in the field of metallurgy and I found out that SibFU School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science does extensive research and is involved in the research projects with RUSAL and other reputed industries. The university has been supporting my scientific research through grant. I have been getting grant, it is well enough to live comfortably, so I can do scientific work without being distracted by domestic issues. Living conditions are the best; the dormitories are safe and comfortable. It is my pleasure to study at SibFU. Learning conditions are comfortable and pressure free. Universuty laboratories are well equipped to conduct required experiments to have progress in my research. The experiments are conducted on regular basis and the work is been published in the reputed journals and I believe that the research at the university is at the top level. When it comes to relationship with my supervisor, he is friendly and helpful. He guides me though all the scientific tasks. My supervisor is immensely experienced and well known in the field of my specialisation. I do like living in Siberia and I have no problem with the cold weather at all. I'm actually enjoying this experience.”

Alejandra Ramirez (Columbia)

“I am a student at the Preparatory Department of Siberian Federal University, and I am going to apply for a law program in future. Studying the Russian language is not an easy task, we have classes every day for several hours. The hardest thing for me is the cases. But our lecturers and other students help us a lot. I study in a strong group, and everybody is very friendly, we are like a family. I think that if you have come to Russia, then you need to learn Russian. Practice is the most important thing here, so talk more. I do so. I spend my free time meeting and talking to people. This was the first time when I celebrated the New Year in Russia and it was fun, the best holiday in my life. And what is more, I like walking enjoying the splendors of places here. I often have a walk in the hills and admire the beauty of Siberian nature. I like the natural reserve Stolby and the river Mana most of all. I can not describe all the beauty of Siberia and my university, you need to experience it yourself. That is why I invite everyone to come here and see.”

Carlos Beymunt (Spain)

“I’m Carlos and I’m 21. Right now I’m a student of Russian as a foreign language department in Siberian Federal University. I’ve lived in Krasnoyarsk for 4 month and I can say that it’s awesome. Downtown is a gorgeous place with impressive city squares. The architecture is magnificent, especially when it comes to culturally significant buildings such as theatres and concert halls. There are many monuments in the city; I believe that people treat their country’s history and culture with a great respect. The nature is also amazing. The biota of the region is quite curious. I haven’t had a chance to visit natural reserve Stolbi yet but I’ve heard many good things about the place. However, I went skiing in Bobrovi Log and in my opinion it’s an excellent ski resort with reasonable prices. The Yenisey River impresses by its vastness and power. In winter I visited Tatishev Island and it’s beauty is undoubted; the trees were covered in snow and it felt like I was in a magic land. There are cafes all over the city and one can find the one that suits him/her. It’s not hard to adapt in Russia especially if you have a good company. I’ve already met the people, they are very interesting people both in the university and outside of it. Share.”

Dale Unser (Republic of South Africa)

“Hi! My name’s Dale Unser, I’m 24 and I come from Cape Town, RSA. Why did I come to Krasnoyarsk and SibFU? I’m asked about it every day. To be honest, I’ve chosen Krasnoyarsk because I know a lot of people here. I’ve lived and worked in China for two years where I met Russian students and we’ve been friends ever since. SibFU was my choice due to the fact that it’s the best university in Krasnoyrask and it gives me a chance to get a degree that I need. Moreover, tuition and accommodation fees are not high. Every new day is full of interesting things. I learn something new at every single class and I get to meet new people. To add more, I often go to the gym and go running outside on the stadium, when the weather is nice. What are my plans for the future? I’m going to study linguistics in SibFU, I’m also planning onto learning two languages in addition to Russian: German and Spanish. Share.”

Joseph Donkor Appiah (Ghana)

“I learnt about Siberian Federal University from the Internet. For the past two years, my friend and I have been trawling websites for universities offering training in oilfield development. We initially considered universities in Europe and America. Then my friend said he’d found a university in Russia, I visited its website and I liked eveything, so we decided to apply. I believe that Russia offers top notch engineering education. After completing my master studies I plan to take a postgraduate programme. SibFU has perfect study and campus life environment. Classrooms are way different from what we had at universities in my home country. Interaction with teachers and mentors differs, too, in that you can easily contact them if necessary, and discuss your problems. In general, things seem to be easier in Russia, the language is my only big problem at present, I’m learning it on my own. When I planned to come over here I was very worried about the weather. I remember an acquaintance of mine asking me which part of Russia I was going to and when I said “Siberia” she exclaimed that “it’s cold out there, life would be hard.” I didn’t know what to expect: as far as I remember, temperatures in Ghana never dropped below + 17 Celsius. I couldn’t imagine what zero degree temperatures could feel like not mentioning - 35 Celsius which you might expect in Siberia. Actually, things aren’t half bad. You just need warm clothes and try not to overstay outdoors.”

Sebastian Sativa (Columbia)

“When I was 20 I wanted to turn over a new leaf, move to another country, get education abroad and learn more about a different culture. I chose Russia and Siberia wishing to come to Krasnoyarsk and enrol at Siberian Federal University. Foreigners normally associate Russia with cold and bears. Yes, it is cold here, but the nature is absolutely beautiful! I believe this country should be a major travel destination. I was interested in Russian history and culture from the very beginning, but I think I’ve come to love the country because of its good people. Before arriving in Krasnoyarsk, I studied Russian culture and traditions and did research of my own to find out more about the Russian nation. They do look serious but that’s normal, you can hardly find ever-smiling people here in such weather. I found myself in amicable environment, with teachers, fellow students and passers-by always trying to help. I found fine friends here. As it happens, training in my field of study is not provided in English, so I’m doing a Russian-taught programme. I have no problems with the language barrier: teachers are articulate understanding that I’m the only foreigner in our group. Russian is a beautiful and difficult language and this is a vast country, so you have to learn to speak Russian since you decided to come here.”

Manuel Gomez Peinado (Spain)

“I have long relationship with Siberian Federal University; once I spent a semester here as an exchange student and realised this university was just what I needed. It runs a Spanish Language Centre which provides all kinds of help, from preparing documents to settling daily problems. I feel good here; the campus is my favourite place in Krasnoyarsk, I go to the swimming pool and take walks in the forest next to the University in my free time. I’ve already been studying Russian for five years. At first, I had problems understanding many notions, especially those related to student life. For example, I could not grasp the meaning of “zachet,” (test) “zachetnaya knizhka” (academic record book) and “poluchit avtomat” (qualify for being exempt from test). I learn new words every day, write down the phrases I hear in the street and marvel at the many different ways you can express your ideas in Russian. I’m now completing my master studies and wish to stay in Russia, not in Moscow spoiled by tourists, but here in the calm Krasnoyarsk, and teach at SibFU.”

Ariadna Llopis Almarcha (Spain)

“ I graduated from University of Alicante in Spain and came to Siberian Federal University to improve my Russian and discover a new culture. There’s everything here for grammar studies and language practice. I’m sure SibFU Russian courses will help me attain the key professional goal; I want to be a translator no matter how hard my training is. I was a little scared to go to Siberia. My mother was worried that my diet would lack vegetables and fruits. But that’s run-of-the-mill thinking; I’m fine. Indeed, Krasnoyarsk doesn’t look like large European cities, so what? Russia is a country with a rich history, and the people living here are as friendly as in Spain.”

Alkhalaf Ahmad (Syria)

“I chose Siberian Federal University for its good rankings and faculty. Also, accommodation and living costs in Russia are minimal. It was difficult to enrol, but I very much wanted to study here, so I did my best. Before enrolling at School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, I took a year-long Russian language course at SibFU Centre for International Education. When I was still in my first year I understood that I should take my studies seriously and tried to speak more Russian. I’m now completing my studies and enjoying my final days at the university. SibFU gave me lots of knowledge and useful lessons. After getting my degree I’d like to stay in Krasnoyarsk and work in my major; I can also work as a translator from Arabic.”

Alhamra Mohanad (Iraq)

“My name is Al Hamra Mohanad, I’m 20 and I come from Iraq. I had attended a Baghdad school before I enrolled at Siberian Federal University; I’m now a first-year student at SibFU School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. I have visited Russia before; I travelled to Perm, Voronezh and Ulyanovsk. In Ulyanovsk, I took a year-long Russian language course. When I came to Krasnoyarsk I thought it was the best among the cities I had visited. People are very friendly here; I feel comfortable with them and I’ve found lots of friends. Siberian Federal University was my conscious choice; I believe it is one of the best universities in Russia. I’m not the only one who thinks so; in Iraq we rank universities into different categories, SibFU is in the first. I’m now a first-year student, my programme is Energy Resources Production and Transportation. I like maths, chemistry and physics best. There are many international students at my university, so I can learn about different cultures and customs. Our campus has everything necessary within reach; we have a gym and even a theatre; there’s a university shop in the dormitory nearby, so you don’t have to go far to buy food. I wish to work in my degree field after I graduate from the university. I have planned my future for the next five or six years; I plan to start my own IT company; I also plan to start a family.”

Rashon Chaihakan (Thailand)

“Hello, I’m Rashon Chaihakan, I’m 24. I’m a student at Siberian Federal University’s School of Education, Psychology and Sociology; my major is Management of Educational Innovations. When I lived in Thailand I never thought that I could study abroad. After I left school my parents insisted that I go to a Russian university. I came to Siberian Federal University last year to study Russian. I chose the university on recommendations of my friends who were happy with their studies here. When I arrived in Krasnoyarsk I felt uneasy as I had never been so far away from my home. In a way, Krasnoyarsk reminded me of my home town. Although I could not speak Russian, everybody was trying to understand me and give a hand. I hear that Russian dormitories are not always up to world standards. I can assure you that living conditions are excellent. Dormitories are similar to a Thai condominium which is very convenient for tenants. I’m a SibFU master student doing research. My paper is focused on comparative analysis of the grading systems in education in Russia and Thailand. My project supervisor is always helpful and supportive and gives good advice. Before coming to Krasnoyarsk I was worried about socialising here. I shouldn’t have; I’ve made many friends from Russia and other countries. We always help each other and I don’t feel lonely here at all. I’d like to invite everybody to come here to study. This university will give you valuable experience, knowledge, good friends and many useful connections. I’m sure you’ll be happy with your student life if you decide to study at SibFU.”

International students of the Bachelor's degree program “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”

Shannakay Dennis (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“The first months of studying were really difficult for us. When we had chemistry classes, we couldn't understand almost everything because of the language barrier. It was shocking! After a while it became easier to study, because we started to understand Russian and teachers also talked to us in English. Also, I had a very good impression after our practical training on Achinsk alumina refinery plant. It was a great opportunity to see what will be my future profession and how the actual process looks like. It has been almost five years of education at SibFU, and I am very happy to get my diploma!”

Calvin Johnson (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“The first year was really intensive, because we didn't know the language, and it was a challenge for us. But we had to keep practicing and eventually we coped with the problems. As for the Russian cuisine, I fell in love with borscht, it is very tasty! I wish a wonderful year for future international students and also I would like to give advice for them: if you are studying in Russia, try to speak with as many Russian students as you can, and you will understand Russian much better.”

Byron Young (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“Studying at SibFU was a great experience for me. I adore Siberian nature, especially a nature reserve Stolby in Krasnoyarsk. It is very beautiful there in winter. Russian cuisine is truly delicious, I like salo with bread and pelmeni the most.”

Nicholas Miller (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“First semester was the hardest for us. We were studying Russian language, and it was very difficult, but kind of funny at the same time, because we needed to remember many phrases in Russian like «I have four dogs and a big house». It was hard to get used to harsh Siberian winters, but now I feel like I'm a true Siberian and I can easily live here! There are many good places in Krasnoyarsk that I recommend visiting. For example, the viewing point near the Chapel. I also recommend trying Russian borscht!”

Junior Bartley (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“Before coming here I worked at RUSAL plant in Jamaica and I proved myself as a good worker, so I was sent here to get a higher education. During my study at SibFU I couldn't get used to Siberian winter. However, there are beautiful places that you can visit in Krasnoyarsk in summer and in winter as well. I enjoyed taking walks on the Yenisei river bank. A viewing point near the Chapel is also a very beautiful place. I would like to get a Master's degree here while working at the Krasnoyarsk smelter. I wish good luck and a lot of great experinece for future international students. It doesn't matter if you have a good or a bad experience, because bad experience also helps you to become a good person.”

Shadane Bucknor (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“I have met my wife Liza during my study at SibFU. Firstly, we have become friends when she was a student at the School of Philology and Language Communication (SibFU) and she decided to take additional classes of English with a native speaker. Now we are going to move to Jamaica, where I plan to pursue a profession. I have advice for future students planning to study at SibFU: do your best, study hard, and you will succeed!”

Mikel Hudson (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“Siberian winter was a big surprise for us! We left Jamaica, where it was +30 degrees, and arrived to Krasnoyarsk, where it was -33. I have no words to describe my emotions at that time! However, I'm glad that I came here, because studying in Russia at SibFU was a considerable experience. The most difficult subject for me was mathematics. Although other subjects were much easier, I also did my best! In addition to studying, I did several sports: athletics and rugby. I am very glad that I came here to study. Thanks to SibFU and RUSAL!”

Samara McFarlane (Jamaica)

Bachelor's degree, study programme “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy”, the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

“Studying at SibFU means a lot to me, because it was a great experience, it was cool! My groupmates have become a family to me, though we didn't know each other before, when we were living in Jamaica. The practical training at Achinsk alumina refinery plant was one of the strongest impressions during my studies. Before that, we learned a lot of theory and, finally, were able to apply our knowledge in practice. Aside from university, I did a lot of things. I was a cheerleader in Redyar club, I did athletics, and also I was working as a dancing teacher. After five years of hard study, my diploma is like a trophy for me!”

Students from the University of Passau (Germany) were successfully studying at the Law School for one year.

From September 2018 to June 2019, five students from the University of Passau were successfully graduating from the program «International and Foreign (Russian) Law» at the Law School of the Siberian Federal University. The compulsory curriculum for Hannah Baoyerle, Anna Bopp, Elina Gross, Helena Morozova and Maria Schmitt Helena was provided by the cooperation agreement between our universities. Moreover, the students had the opportunity to attend sports events that took place as part of the Winter Universiade 2019 in the Krasnoyarsk. Our German guests highly appreciated the organization the student Olympic Games.

Students from the University of Passau had the opportunity to study Russian law, in particular constitutional, civil and criminal law as part of the academic exchange. Furthermore, students studied Russian as a foreign language in addition to legal classes. Along with that students are engaged in a comparative legal study of various branches of law in Germany and the Russian Federation. Subsequently, students used the results of this research and wrote coursework.

Teachers of the Law School noted the great interest and immersion of German students in the material. For this reason, all students from Passau received good grades according to the results of the academic year.

German students studying under the «International and Foreign (Russian) Law» program can additionally master individual disciplines and double degree programs due to the fact that since 2014 there has been an agreement between our universities on the joint implementation of the «Deutsches und Russisches Recht» (double degree program) master's program. Subsequently, if such students enroll in this master's program, the studied disciplines can be credited to them.

After passing all tests and exams, students from Passau received a certificate indicating the studied disciplines and grades. This allows the University of Passau to credit the subjects studied at the Law School SFU under the educational program in Germany.

Elina Gross:

«Studying at the Siberian Federal University gave us many different emotions. At the Law School each course is divided into certain groups. Moreover, the group consists of approximately 30 students. Due to the fact that everyone should attend the seminars and the groups are relatively small, it was much easier for us, foreign students from Passau, to meet Russian students in our group.

Thus, we not only easily navigated at the institute, but also quickly began to communicate with many students. In addition, all professors personally knew the students by name, and were also kind of closer to us compared to professors from a German university, so we were not shy about asking different questions. We have always been helped with pleasure.

As for the organization of study and residence of a foreign student in Krasnoyarsk, firstly, it is necessary to note the existence of various things for life that the previous foreign students left for us, those who come to Krasnoyarsk. ... We also left some things for the next «generations».

What’s more, the international department was responsible for us and helped us in all areas of life. No matter what was discussed, one could always consult with them. We had special tutors. They were the third-year students of the Comparative Law Department, who helped us in the preparation and explained many questions on criminal, civil and constitutional law. We provided them different questions for our classes. Of course, we easily got along with our classmates and were happy to communicate with the guys.

Some tips for foreign students at SFU: you must definitely be able to adapt to your surroundings. In relation to any business, Russians do everything more spontaneously and often at once, i.e. when they say that you need to bring any documents to the department, then you really need to do this right after you know about it. The Germans are used to doing business before a certain date and within the established order, so for adaptation here some will have to change themselves. But when you have passed the period of adaptation, you will have a great time in the Siberian Federal University».

Nargiza Hamzaeva (Uzbekistan)

Master student, study programme — Biological Engineering, Institute for Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology.

“I finished my Bachelor's degree at the Agro-chemistry department, the faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Karshi State University, Uzbekistan. I wanted to get my Master degree abroad and I started to look for the universities. When I was looking for the relevant study programs I discovered the website called There I found the information Siberian Federal University and contacted the support office of the international students and they recommended me to visit the official website of the university. I saw SFU campus online and I liked it. When I came to Krasnoyarsk, this campus of Siberian Federal University looked much better than it was shown on the pictures - it was excellent. At the campus I found great facilities such as dormitories for students, university buildings etc. I really like the laboratory equipment in the departments, and the teachers which are really kind. So I didn’t have any problems with adaptation. Nowadays I am doing my Master research on the topic called ''Nutrition and Sirtuins''. In near future I am planning to go Lleida University in Spain and share my research findings.”

Santiago Palacios (Quito, Equador)

Master student, study programme — Biological Engineering, Institute for Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology.

“One year ago I finished my bachelor's program in Russian language at the Belgorod State University, so I speak very good Russian; also I know English, German and Spanish (my mother tongue).

I am very satisfied with the academic level of the Siberian Federal University. I really like the group of professors and state-of-the-art laboratories in which I conduct my research and write my Master thesis. My thesis topic is related to the techniques of bioluminescence in which the scientists of my faculty are experts. The true eminences of this field are very promising in my country and in the world.

I have already lived in Russia for several years and from my experience I can say that the university facilities and residences are of very good quality. And I believe that Siberian Federal University can compete with the best universities in the world.

In my research I test the efficiency of probiotics by applying bioluminescence techniques. And I want to thank professors and colleagues from my faculty for their help and support.

For now I want to successfully complete my Master's programme. I really want to get a PhD here, so now I am preparing for it and I already decided what topic I want study: “Development of Biosensors for the detection of infectious diseases using bioluminescence techniques”.

Ameer Ali Hussein (Baghdad, Iraq)

Master student, study programme — Banking, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies.

“This is my first year here in Krasnoyarsk and my second year here in the Russian Federation. I had two degrees in management: Diploma in Material Management from Institute of Administration Rasafa, Middle Technical University, Iraq, Baghdad. And I got my bachelor degree in Administration Management from Mustansiriya University, Iraq, Baghdad.

I chose this university because I found a good program (Banking) and it suited my background. Also I came here because I liked the pictures of the dormitories and study buildings. The studying here is very interesting and it offers unique programs, and education here is very sophisticated. Furthermore, I like that this university has a good rankings and it is globally recognized. There are a lot of foreign students here, especially Iraqi students. This indicates that this university offers good educational programs. This continuous increase of Iraqi students demonstrates that the facilities provided by the Russian State are of a great interest to Iraq students and we appreciate the good reception and hospitality provided by the competent authorities. Probably I would apply for a PhD programme, here in Russia, but I haven’t decided yet.

On behalf of all Iraqi students I want to thank the Russian Federation and in particular, the Russian Ministry of Education and the Siberian Federal University for the possibility of studying here.”

Abdul Rahman (Indonesia)

Master student, study programme — Petroleum Chemistry and Refining, School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

“I graduated from UCSI University of Malaysia with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. During my undergraduate studying I started my research journey in the field of renewable sources; one of my topics of interest was the development of bio-lubricants from the palm oil manufacturing waste.

I was searching for the various possibilities to continue my study and this programme has caught my attention. Petroleum Chemistry and Refining School has proven to be the right choice and so far I have an outstanding experience by being a student here. This programme is also the best preparation for getting the job in the future. I like this programme as it has a strong focus on engineering skills and we have a lot practical work as well. The laboratory facilities in SFU are absolutely sufficient to comply with a broad number of research possibilities. My favourite is the Centre for Joint Use Equipment in Siberian Federal University as it consists of various facilities, for example IR Spectroscopy which can be used in many areas of research. During my research I study the development of phospholipid-based inhibiting compositions gained from oil industrial waste. Also, I am trying to find the best method of phospholipids extraction and establish selective phospholipids in corrosion prevention utilizations. After graduation, I intend to pursue a career in EPC or as Engineering consulting firms. Furthermore, I would like to apply for a PhD and continue my research in the area of green resources.”

Sreelatha Chandragiri (India)

PhD Student, School of Mathematics and Computer Science

“My name is C. Sreelatha. I am from India. I did my masters in engineering before coming to Siberian Federal University. When I was first thinking of doing my PhD in abroad in mathematics, I got to image Russia because of its broad research in mathematical field. So, I searched through websites of all the universities in Russia with regards to my research area and I found the SFU website more interesting because of its having information in English and detailed description of the professors working knowledge in their respective field, which attracted me to go with SibFU. I know Siberia is a cold region, but I did not know that until coming here where I experienced such a cold climate, but it was definitely an enjoyable one. Krasnoyarsk is a beautiful city where people from all walks of life are cozy and comfortable, and they will make u feel very warmth once you get start to know them. It's really a fascinating city where you can meet people in trams, buses, etc and you can explore nature hidden treasures like Stolby. I like the city very much now. First and foremost, I like the thick luscious forest trail on the backside of SFU when I walked and I felt it was a beautiful trail I have ever seen all my life. SibFU campus is so big and it takes time to get used to it, but once you get to know, its all dead easy and people here will help you so much whether it is professor, colleagues, etc when every you need help. Dormitories are very near and comfortable and it's good to talk with students here and get to know other country people. So, what about my studying here, I am doing PhD in mathematics under the leadership, Dr. August Tshikh and my professor, Lenairtus and other colleagues. My professor is the person, who is very kind hearted, multi-talented, and gem of a person. Mathematics department for me is the best one and people here working, studying, or teaching is the best. They are very knowledgeable. They are the best that I have got and if I ever become a good researcher, no doubt it's because of these people that I am surrounded by, I can say heartfully. My research is currently on methods of complex analysis in enumerative combinatronics and other things with my professor, Lenaritus and other colleagues. In the future (where you plan do your post doc) I am planning to do my post doc in the same field and get more experience and be in this field as it comes because as you know everyday is new day for learning and especially when it comes to maths, it's always a puzzle. Being here and learning in SibFU is very much useful when it comes to further career progression as a researcher and it definitely contributes to a fruitful career and I am happy to learn and work under professors in SibFU , who are very much sought for their expertise in these areas.”

Delroy Mcfee (Jamaica)

Bachelor, School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

“Is vital to study at a good university, one that aspires to give the best to its students, ensures that each student reaches his maximum potential. Through its reputation and my one year experience, SibFU is doing just that. It simply means that SibFU will always keep me engage, helping me along the path to success”.

Miloš Đurić (Serbia)

Bachelor, School of Space and Information Technologies

“Hello, my name is Milos, I came from Serbia and I’m a first-year student of Institute of Space and Information Technologies of Siberian Federal University. My programme is called Information Systems and Technologies. There’re a couple of reasons why I decided to study at Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk. When you look at the general statistics it’s obvious that Siberian Federal University should be seriously considered. There is a lot of fine equipment here and there are many interesting professors working and teaching at my institute, like for instance Andrei Viktorovich Pushtarenko who has done a lot of research and modelling of aerosol systems in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere. There is also one of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia which supports and bolsters learning process and also helps students gain some practical experience. If you look at Krasnoyarsk in general, it’s interesting because there’s a branch of Institute of Computational Modelling of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and also nearby Zheleznogorsk there’s a company called Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev which again proves that this branch of industry is well established here, and has roots in history, so it’s not only studied in schools, it’s actually done in practice here. So in overall you should just come here and study.”

Joseph Donkor Appiah (Ghana)

Master’s degree student, program “Petroleum chemistry and refining”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

“My friend told me about SibFU. I think for the last two years we searched for schools to study petroleum and we tried several schools in Europe and America as well. My friend told me he has found a school in Russia and gave me the name of the school. He said he searched it online and it was SibFU. I checked it, the fees and Petroleum chemistry and refining program, and it was ok for me so I decided to apply. He also applied for the program. That’s how I got in SibFU. For me Russian education in terms of engineering and science is one of the best.”

Joseph Yau Dawson (Ghana)

Master’s degree program “Banking”, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

“Hello, my name is Joseph Yaw Dawson born and brought up at Anomabo near Cape Coast, the first Capital of Ghana in the western part of Africa. I аm a teacher by profession and I taught in Ghana for over 10 years before coming to Krasnoyarsk to study at study at Siberian Federal University. Currently, am pursuing MSc Banking and Finance in the Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental studies. After my first and second degrees at the University of Cape Coast, I decided to travel outside Ghana and so here I am. I actually applied to different universities at different counties but Russia was the one my heart felt on and I decided to come here. This is a country I know a lot about base on low tuition fees as well as quality education. My decision to come to SibFU was so spectaculars. I applied for the admission by myself and after some months later I had the information that I qualify so I should send my documents for further processing of my admission. I did all what was require from me and later had my invitation to apply for visa to come to Krasnoyarsk. My impression about SibFU and Krasnoyarsk can be classified into three sections: First of all, my impression was about infrastructural developments. As I entered the University, I saw the dormitory rooms being furnished with microwave, refrigerator, washing machine etc. which cannot be seen in other university. The university also has hybrid library as well as good lecture theatres with free access to Wi-Fi. It also has sports facilities for students to be used for their studies and leisure time. SibFU has a lot of recreational centers which are accessible to students and so on my free time, I engage myself in some of the sporting activities like playing soccer, table tennis, and weightlifting. Sometimes too, I take a walk through the forest. Secondly, what stood out to me in Russia is the natural beauty of Krasnoyarsk. The forests and the rivers are beautiful and so accessible to the public. Though Ghana has a lot of tourist sites, I was so amazed when I visited national park Stolby, the rock Golubka and Yenisei River. Finally, the people in Krasnoyarsk are very warm and affable. Having just moved here, I have benefitted countless times from Russian hospitality. The Volunteer Center in SibFU, International Students and Staff Support Unit and the Protocol office of SibFU are all there to assist you with every assistant. The studies are purely research base where lecturers always try to pose everyday problems to students and allow them to research and do presentation. Lecturers in SibFU are drawn from various countries of the world. We have some from Russia, Italy, France, U.S.A etc. These lecturers are well-versed in the areas they teach. SibFU has a lot of recreational centers which are accessible to students and so on my free time, I engage myself in some of the sporting activities like playing soccer, table tennis, and weightlifting. Sometimes too, I take a walk through the forest. The students admitted to the program are brilliant and hardworking. I am truly honored to be part of the first ever English Master’s program in Banking and Finance to be introduced this academic year. SibFU is a multinational university but there are small number of students in each class. Now I have a lot of friends from different countries like China, Pakistan, India, Italy etc. All these people are sociable and out-going. They try to teach you their culture and ask you also to teach them your culture. You have the opportunity to walk together in the city Centre and eat at Cafe. Apart from the international students that you make friends with; Krasnoyarsk people are also very friendly. The individuals as well as families in the town are also ready to associate with you and know more about your country.”

“Compared with other countries Russia has affordable tuition fees.”

Aleksandr Mkrtchyan (Armenia)


“First of all, Siberian Federal University is one of the leading universities of Russia. At first, many people asked me why I had gone so far – to Siberia. Well-known experts, whose names are known not only in Krasnoyarsk work here. In particular, there is a very good school of complex analysis here. There are new hostels near the university, which allows, without losing time, getting quickly to the university. Plus, the university itself is both in the city and outside the city, so, after a long day, you can go out and just walk in the forest. Also, I should note that quite responsive people work here. I am pleased that I have chosen Siberian Federal University.”

International students of the Master's degree program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining”

Department “Chemistry and technology of natural energy carries and carbon materials”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Siberian Federal University, visited Achinsk refinery


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