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Online payment for SibFU services

You can pay for the following services of Siberian Federal University online by МИР, Visa or MasterCard:

  • Tuition

    Payment for training in SibFU for bachelor's, specialist's, master's and additional education programs (driving school, Centre of Continuous Education, Centre of International Education and Certified Testing).

  • Internet

    Payment for Internet access in SibFU dormitories.

  • Dormitory

    Payment for accommodation in SibFU dormitory for students, employees and other persons.

  • Preparatory Programs

    Payment for preparatory courses for SibFU applicants.

  • Purchase of checks in the Antiplagiat system

    Purchase of additional checks in the Antiplagiat system available through the reader's personal account on the website of the SibFU Scientific Library.

  • Purchase of an electronic edition of SibFU

    Payment for third-party access to electronic (full-text) documents in the Scientific Library of Siberian Federal University

  • Registration fee for participation in an event

    Payment of registration fee for participation in Olympiad, conference, seminar or other events of Siberian Federal University.

  • Payment for other services

    Payment for SibFU service which is not in the list above. Please, check the eligibility of online payment and the wording of the purpose of payment with the university employee with whom you cooperated on payment for the service.

Payment Guide in English for filling out applications

Вы можете отметить интересные фрагменты текста, которые будут доступны по уникальной ссылке в адресной строке браузера.