International Faculty Recruitment Office | Сибирский федеральный университет

International Faculty Recruitment Office

  • Receiving direct inquiries from international academic staff, as well as inquiries from schools/departments of the university to search for candidates for the employment
  • Coordination of the list of requirements for candidates vacancies with the University subdivisions
  • Analysis of documents submitted by an international candidate for a job in cooperation with the concerned school/university;
  • Information and consulting support for foreign citizens on employment issues:
    • transfer of the list of documents and forms required for employment
    • informing about the current stage of the application
    • providing information and consulting about the employment of foreign academic staff to the concerned university departments
  • Assistance in filling the documents for invitation of academic staff, transfer of the documents to the Protocol Office for issuing an invitation for entry into the Russian Federation;
  • Booking an accommodation for international academic staff;
  • Organization of a pick-up of a foreign citizen at the airport (together with SSSO), escorting a foreign citizen to the Protocol Office for migration registration;
  • Assistance for a foreign citizen:
    • at the SibFU's HR department and Accounting Office
    • at the territorial subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and SibFU's departments
    • when issuing a MIR bank card, and further assistance with the application for transferring salary to this card in the SibFU's Department of Accounting and Finances
    • when applying for a multiple-entry visa at the Protocol Office
    • in registration of TIN for a foreign citizen
  • Notification of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Territory:
    • on the conclusion/termination of an employment contract or a civil law contract for the performance of work (provision of services) with a foreign citizen (stateless person)
  • Organization of a visit of a foreign citizen to the Protocol Office in case of early termination of the employment contract to reduce the multiple-entry visa
  • Preparation of news items related to the labour activity of international academic staff for the university's website of the and/or other media.

Head of office:Daria V. Sharkevich
E-mail: dsharkevich[at]
Phone: +7 391 206-26-49
Address: pr. Svobodniy, 82A, room 228, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia

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