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School of Gastronomy: SibFU Hydroponic Farm

The School of Gastronomy of Siberian Federal University announced the start of the university vertical farm operation and presented it to scholars of SibFU and Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre (SB RAS) who will join the development of high-tech prototypes.

Siberian Researchers to Improve Municipal Heating System

Scholars from Siberian Federal University jointly with colleagues from Omsk State Transport University designed a statistical method based on Big Data analysis to increase the efficiency of the municipal heat supply system. At the approbation stage, the initial costs for the heating networks reconstruction have already been reduced by more than a quarter.

SibFU to Hold the Summer University Again

The Summer University federal project will be held at 14 Russian universities from 10 till 24 July 2022. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and operated by Pskov State University. The idea is to immerse foreign students in the Russian scientific and educational space and contribute to the development of sustainable international student communities within leading Russian universities.

SibFU Scientists Created Hypoallergenic Alloys for Jewelry

Scientists from the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science of Siberian Federal University have developed new alloys based on gold 585 containing palladium and silver and modified with rhodium and ruthenium. They also created an alloy based on silver 925 modified with silicon.

SibFU scientists have proved the prospects of cedar for climate research

A scientific team of SibFU scientists led by Academician Yugene Vaganov, scientific director of the world-class climatic Yenisey Siberia REC, together with Indian colleagues, conducted a unique study of the anatomical structure of Siberian cedar wood. The measurement of cedar wood cells has become the key to identifying the relationship between the growth of this tree in the highlands and the climate. Scientists have refuted the earlier opinion about the uselessness of cedar wood for dendrochronological analysis.

SibFU to Train Computer Game Developers

Starting from the new academic year, the School of Space and Information Technologies of SibFU is starting an educational program Development of Computer Games and Applications. Prospective students apply for the program Information Systems and Technologies and will be able to choose the profile that interests them after enrollment.

FinOlymp-2022 participants to be selected at SibFU

The registration of participants in the qualifying round of the FinOlymp-2022 International Financial Security Olympiad has started. FinOlymp Olympiad is one of the most prestigious student competitions in the field of financial security. The event is held by Rosfinmonitoring directly on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Hiking tour to the Stolby Reserve

On April 10, a hiking tour to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby took place, organized jointly with the Peoples’ Friendship center. More than 70 foreign students of SibFU and students of Russian language courses spent Sunday hiking, talking, having fun, enjoying nature and beautiful landscapes. Despite the difficulties on the ascents, the guys overcame the entire declared route and were satisfied.

SibFU is a venue for the Delphic Games

From April 22 to April 27, 2022, the XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia are being held in Krasnoyarsk. This is a major forum in the field of artistic, scientific and technical creativity, aimed at supporting talented youth. This year, the Siberian Federal University not only participates in the games, but also for the first time acts as a forum venue.

About SibFUFacts about Siberian Federal University


Innovation strategy

Innovation strategy

We already have the Innovative Consulting Center and Business incubators and we plan to strengthen this resource. The first SibFU-based climatic research and educational center (REC) of international standing has been recently created.


Partnership with leading mining and energy transnational companies

Partnership with leading mining and energy transnational companies

Companies go global and we go global with them. Together we strengthen our people – the key resource of the company and the university. To close the gap between the theory and practical work, we actively involve students into practicing their knowledge on unique equipment provided by our industrial partners. Our partners


Attracting best scientists

Attracting best scientists

SibFU has endless possibilities for the development of science due not only to the conditions that exist in the university but also due to the natural diversity of the Krasnoyarsk Region. We attract the World leading researcher such as Nobel prize winner Osamu Shimomura to do science together. Our mega-grants


Master and PhD programs in English

Master and PhD programs in English

Master’s Level programs are mostly focused on research activities. The teaching staff is represented by researchers with wide international networks providing a strong link between research and academic activities. Siberian Federal University offers a wide range of programs. SibFU is the third university in Russia to confer PhD degrees in accordance to international standards. We not only involve external expertise but also (going to) oblige graduates to work at least 2 years in other universities before joining our faculty team. More about PhD at SibFU


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