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Siberian Federal University is the leader in inventive activity in Russia.

Clarivate Analytics called SibFU the most cited university in Russia.

SibFU holds the highest position in Sport Ranking among Russian universities according to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The SibFU campus is recognized as the most modern in Russia.

SibFU’s Rankings and Reputation

Ranking Agencies, Performance Indicators Rank
International Rankings
The ranking uses 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons, trusted by students, academics, university leaders, industry and governments. It is the only global university performance table to judge research-intensive universities across all of their core missions: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.
international rankings:
1001+th place (2018)

rankings for Russian universities:
18th place (2018)
THE Best universities in Europe
The ranking compares European universities.
404th place (2018)
THE Emerging Economies University Rankings
The ranking includes more than 350 universities from 42 countries across four continents.
351+ place (2019)
THE Physical Sciences Subject Ranking 801+ place (2018)
QS by Subjects «Archeology» 5th place among Russian universities (2017)
QS by Subjects «Environmental Sciences» 5th place among Russian universities (2016)
The ranking highlights the best universities in emerging Europe and central Asia.
132nd place (2018)
The ranking features 300 top universities from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
169th place (2018)
QS Stars
The rating system provides a detailed look at an institution, enabling to identify which universities are the best in the specific topics like program strength, facilities, graduate employability, social responsibility, inclusiveness, and more.
4 stars (2017)
QS World University Rankings
The ranking by Subject identifies the world's strongest universities in 48 individual subject areas.
800–1000 place (2019)
The ranking is a classification of academic and research-related institutions ranked by a composite indicator that combines three different sets of indicators based on research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact measured by their web visibility.
rankings for Russian universities: 28th place (2019)

world rankings: 760th place (2019)

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)
The ranking system's focus is on academic quality. URAP has gathered data about 3,000 Higher Education Institutes in an effort to rank these organizations by their academic performance.
rankings for Russian universities:
19th place (2018)

world rankings:
1720 place (2018)

Worldwide Professional University Rankings (RankPro)
World university rankings based on views and estimates of experts of the highest level — professors of various universities.
rankings for Russian universities:
17th place (2019)

international rankings:
427th place (2019)

The criteria include such baseline information as the size of the university, both spatially and in terms of population, the campus location and the amount of green space; and also information on energy use, transport, water use and recycling and waste treatment.
372nd place overall (2018)
Round University Rankings
University Rankings evaluate performance of 761 world’s leading higher education institutions by 20 indicators grouped into 4 key areas of university activity: Teaching, Research, International Diversity and Financial Sustainability.
international rankings:
701st place (2019)

rankings for Russian universities:
48th place (2019)

Russian Rankings
Russian university ranking of the European scientific and industrial chamber assesses the ability of universities to provide students with the necessary knowledge to participate in research and development, as well as the opportunity to actively communicate with future employers.
9th place / AA (2019)
Ranking of the Expert analytics center Ranking of universities inventive activity — 7–9th place (2019)

University entrepreneurial activity ranking — 35–37th place (2018)

subject rating of scientific productivity of university:
5-7 place — humanities
37-38 place — computer science
31 place — mathematics
14-15 place — life sciences
12-14 place — earth sciences and ecology
11 place — earth sciences
18 place — social sciences
18-19 place — physics and astronomy
15-16 place — chemistry
15-16 place — chemical technologies
20-23rd place — engineering sciences
15-17 place — materials science
16 place — power engineering
19-21 place — biochemistry
19-20 place — metallurgy
12-13th place — ecology

‘Expert RA’ Ranking Agency
performance indicators: employability record, research, education
19th (2019)

various criteria (2017):
14th: demand for graduates by employers
17th: research activities
33rd: education

Ranking of Russian universities of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation
The main criterion of rating for evaluation: the level of activity of students and teachers in the educational projects of the Fund.
11th (2017)
The Moscow Echo Radio and Interfax News Agency
Ranking performance indicators: education, research, socialization, international collaboration, university brand, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
general rankings:
15th (2019)

various criteria (2016):
35th: education
12th: university brand
21-22nd: research
3rd: socialization
53-55th: international collaboration
19th: innovation

The rating evaluates sites of universities, in particular, number of external links, indexed pages and citation index.
rankings for Russian universities:
17th place (2019)

world rankings:
1607th place (2019)

The rating is a comprehensive assessment based on the popularity of pages related to university sites and citations tracked on the Internet.
rankings for Russian universities:
12th place (2019)

world rankings:
932nd place (2019)

BC-Index rankings for Russian universities:
16th place (2019)

world rankings:
464th place (2019)

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