SibFU’s Rankings and Reputation

Ranking Agencies, Performance Indicators Rank
International Rankings
QS Stars
performance indicators: eight criteria including innovation, academic reputation, infrastructure, and employer reputation
4 stars (2016)
3 stars (2015)
3 stars (2014)
3 stars (2013)
QS BRICS 151-200th place (2016)
151-200th place (2015)
151-200th place (2014)
QS EECA 111-120th place (2016)
121-130th place (2015)
QS by Subjects «Environmental Sciences» rankings for Russian universities:
5th place (2016)
4th place (2015)
THE rankings for Russian universities:
13th place (2016)

international rankings:
800+ place (2016)
international multi-dimensional ranking system designed to compare higher education institutions by the criteria most relevant for the university entrants and students (science and research, quality of teaching, international orientation, etc)
overall rating:
7-8th place (2016)

contribution to the economical growth of the region:
2-3rd place (2016)

scientific and research potential:
7-9th place (2016)

performance indicators: external links, indexed pages, citation index
rankings for Russian universities:
12th place (2016)
10th place (2015)
13th place (2014)
14th place (2013)
18th place (2012)

international rankings:
1274th place (2016)
1173rd place (2015)
1099th place (2014)
1181st place (2013)
1513rd place (2012)

4ICU rankings for Russian universities:
10th (2016 год)
6th (2015 год)
26th (2014 год)
39th (2013 год)
University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) rankings for Russian universities:
17th place (2017)
17th place (2016)
16th place (2015)
8th place (2014)

international rankings:
1634th place (2017)
1627th place (2016)
1617th place (2015)
1581st place (2014)

Worldwide Professional University Rankings (RankPro) rankings for Russian universities:
18th place (2017)
18th place (2016)
23rd place (2015)
12th place (2014)

international rankings:
452nd place (2017)
488th place (2016)
482nd place (2015)
365th place (2014)

Round Ranking University rankings for Russian universities:
44th place (2017)
23rd place (2016)
26th place (2015)
17th place (2014)

international rankings::
705th place (2017)
687th place (2016)
705th place (2015)
661st place (2014)

RUR Reputation Rankings 517th place (2017)
595th place (2016)
Russian Rankings
‘Expert RA’ Ranking Agency
performance indicators: employability record, research, education
15th (2016)
14th (2015)
15th (2014)
16th (2013)
12th (2012)

various criteria (2016):
8th: demand for graduates by employers
13rd: research activities
15th: the scope of "technical, natural-scientific fields and exact sciences"
16th: the scope of "Economics and Management"

‘Expert RA’ Ranking Agency: employability record
performance indicators: university and employer collaboration, recruitment opportunities
8th (2016)
6th (2015)
7th (2014)
6th (2013)
6th (2012)
The Moscow Echo Radio and Interfax News Agency
performance indicators: education, research, socialisation, international collaboration, university brand, innovation, and entrepreneurship
general rankings:
18th (2016)
16–17th (2015)
14th (2014)
12–14th (2013)
19–20th (2012)

various criteria (2016):
11th: education
14th: university brand
17th: research
various criteria (2015):
37th: socialisation
26th: international collaboration
14th: innovation

Vladimir Potanin Foundation
performance indicators: project proposals submitted from a university to Foundation
7th (2016)
2nd (2015)
17th (2014)
25th (2013)
24th (2012)
European Scientific-Industrial Chamber
ranking of High Educational Instituitions — European Standards — ARES
9th (2017)
12th (2016)
15th (2015)
14th (2014)

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