School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

Director: Eugenia B. Bukharova

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 79 Svobodny pr., Room 33-12, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: EBuharova [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

The School implements a multi-level education programs of in the field of management, economics, relying upon many-year experience and traditions of classical education.

The School offers its prospective students a wide range of educational programs and modes of studies — more than 15 educational programs, and majors to study.

The School is one of the major institutions of SibFU: more than 2,500 students are trained here in degree programs, and nearly 2,000 non-degree students. Teaching staff is more than 170 people, with more than 100 candidates of science and doctors of science, academics, associate professors and professors.

Competitive advantages of the School:

  • World-class higher education in the field of management, economics, environmental management and ecology, based on the principles of multypurposness, transparency and fundamentality;
  • International accreditation by the European Union Business Education of the undergraduate and graduate training programs, and MBA;
  • the system of multilevel continuous education: Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, Specialist's degree, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, and professional development;
  • practice-oriented educational programs that train professionals for enterprises, authority bodies, higher education institutions, and organizations of social and economic complex of the region and Russia;
  • Modern educational technologies based on virtual network computer labs.

In future you may become:

  • Manager of crowd-finding and crowd-investment platforms is an organizer of crowd-finding platforms operation who monitors projects for gaining crowd-finding financial support, and manages conflicts between the project holders and the investors.
  • Manager for human asset and direct investment in gifted people. A person who creates “base” of talented and promising professionals, monitors their education and career paths from point of increase of their salary and correspondingly their income fund (similar to agents of young athletes and movie stars).
  • Multicurrency trader. A professional who organizes systems for sharing traditional, alternative, and digital currency.
  • Appraiser of intellectual property. A person apprising cost of intangible assets such as social and material technology, business models, inventions, ideas, etc.

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