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International Summer Programs at SibFU

Due to COVID-19, global travel has been restricted aiming to maintain health, safety and well being of locals in the host countries. We support restrictive measures, hence in-person visits are limited this time. Therefore, we have been working as quickly as possible to convert our Summer Schools programs to online format. To register for online Summer Schools and Programs check the table below.

Summer School programs 2020 update

" The Summer School programs 2020 has been cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19. We would like to thank all of our academic staff, international lecturers, partner universities and participants for their commitment to our Summer School programs. Further details of our 2021 program will be available in autumn. Stay safe and we hope to see you next summer!

International Summer Schools and Programs

Siberian Federal University offers for international students a range of International Summer Programs such as International Summer Schools, Language Summer School, Language studies, Practical training.

Summer Schools TitleDurationAdmission
The International Summer School 2020 “Global entrepreneurship in the real and virtual reality: Digital transformation”2 weeksApply for Summer 2020
Online Russian Language Summer School — 20203 weeksApply for Summer 2020
VI International Summer School “Sustainable development of regions: sustainable building in natural parks and other remote areas”2 weeksApply for Summer 2021
V International Summer School “New Financial Technologies under the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Economy”2 weeksApply for Summer 2021
Russian Language Summer Course2 monthApply for Summer 2021
International Summer Law School “International contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry and Environmental law”2 weeksApply for Summer 2021

Past Summer Schools


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