Language Summer School — 2019


The Department of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) and the Spanish Language Centre of School of Philology and Language Communication of Siberian Federal University (SibFU) invite you to participate in the SibFU Russian Language Summer School on July 22–August 9, 2019. Our Summer School has been successfully held since 2011 and we have hosted students from various countries (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, China, etc.). Joining the School gives you an exciting opportunity to study the Russian language and culture in one of the most beautiful and unique places in Russia.

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The syllabus offers not only an opportunity to master the language but also to learn a great deal about Russian culture and to immerse yourself in it for three weeks. It allows students to further develop their level of Russian, enjoy an accent-free Russian language, get to know the long, dramatic history and unique culture of Central Siberia with the focus on the Krasnoyarsk Region, explore the wonders of beautiful Siberian nature, and learn interesting facts about Krasnoyarsk’s economic and industrial development.

The program totals 72 hours. The course of Modern Russian Language consists of the following subjects:

  • Conversational Russian,
  • Vocabulary in Use,
  • Grammar in Use,
  • Listening, Writing,
  • Russian Literature and Culture.

Students have 10 classes per week, supplemented with an intensive cultural program, and they are naturally exposed to informal communication with native speakers.

  • Application deadline — May 31, 2019
  • Arrival — July 19-20, 2019
  • Program begins — July 22, 2019
  • Program finishes — August 9, 2019
  • Departure — August 10-11, 2019
Program plan
Arrival at the airport and transfer to residence
110:00Departure from residence and meeting in the Spanish Language Centre. Registration in the Department of International Relations
Svobodny 82, room3-38
12:00Guided tour of the facilities of the university
13:00–15:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
16:00Guided City Walk
210:00–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
15:00Excursion to “Bobrovy Log”
310:00–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
410:00–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
15:00Excursion to the Museum Surikov
510:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
611:00City tour
711:00Excursion to the Stolby Nature Reserve
810:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
910:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1010:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1110:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
15:30Visit to the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum
Dubrovinskogo 84
1210:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1311:00Excursion to the Hydroelectric plant and the village Ovsyanka
1410:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1510:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1610:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1710:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
1810:30–14:30Class of the Russian language
Svobodny 82
19Departure for the airport

The program costs 450 euro. This includes tuition, cultural program, accommodation, welcome and farewell parties and picnics.

ServiceCost (per person)
On-campus accommodation in SibFU dormitories225 euro (for 21 days)
Tuition225 euro
Total:450 euro

Modern on-campus dormitories offer double-occupancy. All dormitories are located within a walking distance from academic buildings. Students will need about 350 euro to cover meal expenses and other needs.

The Department of Russian as a Foreign Language

  • e-mail: tverenich [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru (to Dr Tatiana Verenich, Department Head)
  • tel: +7 391 206-27-36

The Spanish Language Centre

  • e-mail: sp [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru (to Dr Olga Gevel, Centre Head)
  • tel: +7 391 206-26-47

Lucía Sánchez Conejero (Spain)

“I have found this course extremely useful since I have learnt a lot not only about the Russian language but also about the culture, history and life-style. I am really grateful to have such an opportunity to meet amazing people who organized this course and that helped us. The lessons were great as well as the excursions and visits. I think it was a well-prepared plan. I’d like to express my greatness to my teacher Olga who has supported and helped us in an extraordinary way. Thanks so much for the whole experience, it will be unforgettable.”

Eelis Hyvärinen (Finland)

“Excellent teachers! I learned a lot during the course, both at the lessons and in my free time in a Russian-speaking environment. The excursions were very interesting. All the teachers, other staff and local students have been extremely friendly<…>I’m glad that I chose this course and I hope I can visit Krasnoyarsk again in the future <…> It was also great that the teacher only spoke Russian with us <…>After this experience I will certainly continue studying the Russian Language.”

Valentina Linardi (Italy)

“I really liked the course. It was a great experience and a great way to get better at Russian. The lessons were really interesting and useful because they joined reading, writing, speaking and talking skills <…> In general it was really nice and useful and I’d like to thank everyone who helped with it and the wonderful people we got to know. PS: the teacher is great!“

Claudia Pascual del Pobil (Spain)

“Lessons were well-organized and the materials were very useful and clear. I want to enhance the performance of Natalia (our teacher) who made classes manageable and interesting, we were able to cover almost all the book. <...> Visits to the museums were very interesting and well-organized> I want to thank the flexibility to adopt to our demands …”

Marcelo Costa Choukri (Brazil)

“I learned a lot from them, for sure!!! Specially the way that they talk about the subjects we studied. They do know what they are talking about! So thank you very much for all the classes!”

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