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Siberian Federal University

Introduction of TEMPUS web-platform at SibFU (7 apr 2015)

A new website has been developed by the School of Education, Psychology and Sociology within the project “Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia” (ALLMEET). The presentation of the web-resource took place in Arkhangelsk on 16-20 March, 2015 as a part of a working meeting between the partner universities.

Russian Forbes: "SibFU contributes to turning Krasnoyarsk into an important modern city" (31 mar 2015)

Russian Forbes says Siberian Federal University helped Krasnoyarsk to join the top ten Russian cities with travel cervices "similar to those you can find in Europe".

Economics International Summer School — 2015

Event date: 6–19 july 2015

The Siberian Federal University invites students majoring in Economics and Management from Russian and overseas universities who speak English and can use the basic methodology of economic analysis to participate in the International Summer School 2015 to be held in Krasnoyarsk city, Russia, on July 6–19, 2015. Application deadline — June 1, 2015.

International Research Conference «Young People and Research»

Event date: 15–25 april 2015

SibFU will host the International Research Conference for students, doctoral students and young researchers from 15 to 25 April, The conference is supposed to 70th of the Great Victory.

Universiade Village 2019 project approved by FISU (14 mar 2015)

Krasnoyarsk as a host city for XXIX Winter Universiade in 2019 has received an inspection visit from the International university sports federation (FISU). Siberian Federal University is one of the key players in preparation to this important large-scale event. No wonder that on 5 March the delegates from FISU called in SibFU where they were presented with the fundamental principles to organization of the Universiade Village-2019 at the SibFU campus.

SibFU's Masters student wins the World Cup in Greco-Roman Wrestling (26 feb 2015)

Nikita Melnikov, Masters student from the School of Physical Education, Sports, and Tourism won the second place at the World Cup in Greco-Roman Wrestling in Tehran (Iran) on February 20th, 2015.

Researchers from SibFU and the Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, develop a genetic library for forest insects (2 feb 2015)

Natalia Kirichenko, Associate Professor from SibFU and Senior Research Associate at Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, reported a rapid invasion of the lime leaf miner in Eurasia and developing genetic (DNA barcoding) libraries for quick and reliable identification of forest insects pests at the international LE STUDIUM conference "Insect Invasions in a Changing World" which was held in Orleans, France, 17-19 December 2014.

2nd International Foreign Languages Olympiad for students

Event date: 26 january – 27 february 2015

Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, School of Philology and Language Communication of Siberian Federal University in cooperation with Krasnoyarsk Regional Association of English Language Teachers “KELTA” are happy to announce the 2nd International Foreign Languages Olympiad for university students.

SibFU's young researchers take part in the competition to travel to the North Pole (19 jan 2015)

Four SibFU's representatives have taken part in the first stage of a new project launched by the Federal Agency and Russian Geographical Society.

Degates from Krasnoyarsk visit Changchun (17 dec 2014)

Sergey Verkhovets, SibFU's Vice-Rector (Research and International Collaboration), visited Changchun in North-Eastern China. Dr Verkhovets was among other Krasnoyarsk delegates who visited the Chinese city to exchange experience and develop collaboration, particularly, in research and education.

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