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Siberian Federal University

SibFU student Anna Tsyganova wins at IFSC Climbing Worldcup (2 jul 2015)

The 5th stage of the World Cup in sport climbing took place in Haiyang, China on 27th June, 2015. Anna Tsyganova from SibFU School of Architecture and Design, a world-class athlete, won the silver medal. Congratulations!

Spanish students to study Russian at SibFU Summer School

Event date: 13–31 july 2015

School of Philology and Language Communication is holding the Language Summer School for Spanish-speaking students from July 13th to July 31st. The event is organized by the SibFU Spanish Language Centre and the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of the School.

SibFU held conference on energy in Siberia (26 jun 2015)

The first national intellectual leadership conference “Energy of Siberia” took place at SibFU on June 10th, 2015. The project is aimed at building a community of integrated business, culture and science.

Introducing the fist World University Rugby Cup (18 jun 2015)

This September, the first ever World University Rugby Cup (WURC) will be held in England. The inaugural tournament will be hosted by Oxford University Rugby Football Club (OURFC), one of the world’s oldest university rugby club, and involve eight universities from leading rugby nations competing for the University World Champion title.

Welcome to Language Summer School (Russian as a foreign language) (12 jun 2015)

Anyone willing to study Russian as a foreign language – from a starter to an advanced level – is welcome to join SibFU Summer School from July till August, 2015.

Ambassador of Switzerland meets SibFU students (12 jun 2015)

On June 9, 2015 Ambassador of Switzerland to Russia Pierre Helg had a meeting with SibFU students. Mr Ambassador talked about developing Russian-Swiss relations in history and the role of education in this process.

SibFU joins Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (10 jun 2015)

Siberian Federal University has become a member of Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU). The decision has been taken unanimously at a regular meeting of the ASRTU executive board in Shanghai.

SibFU hits top-20 of a national ranking (7 jun 2015)

Siberian Federal University is acknowledged as one of the best universities in Russia for 2014-2015 academic year according to the official report.

Videoconference between SibFU Law School with Law Faculty of Coventry University (7 jun 2015)

A first stepping stone in collaboration between SibFU and Coventry University (UK) has been put. The first video conference between Law School students at SibFU and Law Faculty representatives at Coventry University took place on May 27th, 2015.

Japanese delegation visit to SibFU (7 jun 2015)

“Society of Aichi for developing friendship and closer relations between Japan and Russia” paid a visit to the University on June 1st, 2015.

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