Open Doors: Here are The Keys

The competition is open to foreigners and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, having a degree, or completing a Bachelor or Master program in 2021.

Biological Engineering: 2 years have passed

Nargiza Hamzaeva and Santiago Palacious — have been living and studying here in Krasnoyarsk for the past 2 years. During this time they have experienced a lot: Russian winter, Winter Universiade 2019, summer internship in Baikal, world pandemic, online defense of their Master’s thesis and much more.

Scientists propose new semiconductors for the electronics of the future

Researchers of Siberian Federal University and their Ukrainian and Swedish partners have proposed a new class of nanostructures based on planar heterocyclic molecules of tetratio- and tetraseleno[8]circulenes. The structures have flexibly varying semiconductor properties and can be used to produce organic LEDs. The results are published in New Journal of Chemistry.

About SibFUFacts about Siberian Federal University


Partnership with leading mining and energy transnational companies

Partnership with leading mining and energy transnational companies

Companies go global and we go global with them. Together we strengthen our people – the key resource of the company and the university. To close the gap between the theory and practical work, we actively involve students into practicing their knowledge on unique equipment provided by our industrial partners. Our partners


Master and PhD programs in English

Master and PhD programs in English

SibFU is the third university in Russia to confer PhD degrees in accordance to international standards. Since the PhD & PostDoc programs started more than 30 applicants from 13 countries have expressed their interest in joining our University. We not only involve external expertise but also (going to) oblige graduates to work at least 2 years in other universities before joining our faculty team. More about PhD at SibFU


World class campus with the best dormitory in Russia

World class campus with the best dormitory in Russia

The SibFU campus includes 29 dormitories. In 2014, the university residence hall was recognized as the best dormitory in Russia in the All-Russian student competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


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