Master’s Programs at SibFU in English

Program TitleDurationTuition Fee (per year)*LanguageAdmission
Master's Degree Programs in English
Digital Intelligent Control Systems
School of Space and Information Technologies
2 years (120 ECTS)260,000 rublesEnglish Apply now
Data Science and Mathematical Modeling
School of Space and Information Technologies
2 years (120 ECTS)250,000 rublesEnglishApply now
School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies
2 years (120 ECTS)250,000 rublesEnglishApply now
Biological Engineering
School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology
2 years (120 ECTS)250,000 rublesEnglishApply now
Complex Analysis
School of Mathematics and Computer Science
2 years (120 ECTS)The price will be announced soonEnglish
Available from 2021/2022 academic year
Petroleum Chemistry and Refining
School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
2 years (120 ECTS)260,000 rublesEnglishApply now
Technosphere Safety in the High North and Arctic Regions
Polytechnic School
2 years (120 ECTS)The price will be announced soonEnglishAvailable from 2021/2022 academic year

* The price is subject to change at the time of signing a learning agreement.


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