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School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration

Director: Eugenia B. Bukharova

Web-site: (in Russian)

Address: 79 Svobodny pr., Room 33-12, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: EBuharova [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Mission: Providing a comprehensive, multi-level and innovative education to prepare strategically and ethically minded professionals with a high level of expertise in the field of economics, management, and finance. Increase the scientific knowledge and dissemination of economic and financial innovations, and rational use of natural resources, ensuring sustainable development of the region and the country.

Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies (from 2007 to 2020).

School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration (from September 1, 2020).

School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration today is:

  • more than 1,500 students in core educational programmes and more than 2,500 students in continuing professional education programmes;
  • all major programmes in economics, finance and management;
  • more than 200 staff members, including 70% of doctors and candidates of sciences;
  • visiting professors from leading Russian and foreign universities and practitioners;
  • alumni: heads of government agencies and enterprises, politicians, scientists, business representatives and entrepreneurs.

Priorities in the education of economic and managerial personnel, ensuring a high degree of adaptation of graduates in the Russian and global labour markets:

  • International comparability, confirmed by the accreditation of educational programmes;
  • balance of modern teaching methods with an emphasis on the development of leadership and creativity;
  • modular format of curricula, providing flexibility in the formation of individual educational trajectories by students;
  • considerable opportunities for a student to choose professional profiles and disciplines;
  • participation of students in research work;
  • international student mobility;
  • integration into the educational process of modern educational e-learning technologies based on complex technical solutions;
  • strategic cooperation with executive and legislative bodies of state power of the Russian regions business structures, Russian and foreign universities and research organizations.


  • Bachelor Degree is designed for 4 years of continuous training (8 semesters, 240 ECTS). The study process includes modules in natural sciences, mathematics, socioeconomics and humanities, profession-oriented modules and internships in industrial and business companies.

    Programmes: Economics; Public and Municipal Administration.

  • Master's Degree is the next level (120 ECTS). It includes special disciplines and modules, which explain new achievements in science, economics and technology additionally to those in the Bachelor’s Degree courses. The courses are oriented towards scientific creativity, consulting activity, practical and research work.

    Programmes: Financial and Economic Analytics and Decision Making in Digital Environment; Corporate Accounting, Financial and Investment Analysis; Banking (English-taught programme); Instruments for Public and Municipal Administration of Territorial Development; Financial Technology and Risk Management; State Antimonopoly and Tariff Regulation; Conflict Management; Psychology of Management.

  • Post-graduate courses are usually associated with PhD. The duration could be altered. As a rule, post-graduate students carry out real scientific investigations with the use of modern laboratory equipment and software, prepare scientific papers for publication and participate in national and international scientific conferences. The degree that a post-graduate gets after the programme (3-5 years) is the Candidate of Science. This degree gives the opportunity to teach and research.

    Programmes: Economic Theory; Economics and Management of National Economy (Economics, Organization and Management of Enterprises, Industries, Complexes (Environmental Studies / Industry)); Finance, Money Circulation and Credit; Finance and Banking (English-taught programme); Accounting, Statistics. It also gives a chance to write a doctorate dissertation and get the degree of «Doctor of Science». This is the highest academic degree in Russia.
    Doctoral Degrees: Economic Theory.

Starting from year 2016 School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration offers the Master’s degree programme in Banking in English and it is partly delivered by visit-professors from the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy.


Elena Dvinskikh,
Head of Department for Research, Grant and International Cooperation Support
School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration
Siberian Federal University
79/10 Svobodny Prospect, office 30-11
Tel. +7 391 206-21-42


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