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Young Researchers Center of Siberian Federal University

Young Researchers Center of Siberian Federal University (SibFU) was established by the resolution of the Academic Council in 2007.

The mission of the Center is to support new type young scientific leaders, to develop civilized economic, career, social and political ambitions and to ensure the development of innovative environment at the University.

Primary objectives of the Center

  • To form expertise in the SibFU graduates, who will ensure their high competitiveness in the labor market by improving organizational forms (network, interdisciplinary, project, etc.) of basic and supplementary education.
  • To arrange and implement research and innovation projects and works on contemporary issues of science and technology development in the Russian Federation.
  • To establish small-scale production and to sell manufactured products.
  • To develop and implement computer software and databases.
  • To prepare publications, arrange academic seminars, conferences, competitions, exhibitions, protect copyright of students and graduate students, as well as related rights of the SibFU to created intellectual property. To prepare students for participation in the University, regional, national and international youth academic conferences, competitions, exhibitions.
  • To teach modern technology of scientific and technical creativity to students engaged in the Students’ Scientific Research. To develop and publish relevant study guides, including electronic guides. To create and maintain an appropriate website.
  • To cooperate with scientific and educational institutions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, other regions and countries in completion of the above objectives. To participate in regional, national and international programs for youth scientific work, including telecommunication programs.

Further details on international collaboration:
Svobodny 76D, Room 4-02, Krasnoyarsk, 660041, Russian Federation
tel: +7 391 206-30-88
e-mail: NBakhova [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
head: Natalia Bakhova


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