History of SibFU | Siberian Federal University

History of SibFU

2006-2007 years

  1. November 4, 2006 The Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Fradkov signed a decree to rename Krasnoyarsk State University into “Siberian Federal University” merging it with the following educational institutions: Krasnoyarsk State Architectural and Construction Academy, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University and the State University of Nonferrous Metals and Gold.
  2. November 8, 2006 the website of SibFU was launched. The first design of the site
  3. November 28, 2006 Eugene A. Vaganov becomes the rector of SibFU — academician, director of the Forest Institute named after Sukachev, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  4. December 25, 2006, the first joint event of SibFU students — a New Year`s student concert.
  5. February 14, 2007 members of the Academic Senate of SibFU were selected.
  6. February 22, 2007 the first eight SibFU graduate diplomas awarding ceremony.
  7. April 27, 2007 the development program of SibFU was approved.
  8. June 28, 2007 the first 12 Schools in priority areas were formed at SibFU.
  9. August 17, 2007 “Journal of Siberian Federal University” is registered by the Federal Service.
  10. August 31, 2007 the first issue of SibFU newspaper “New university life” was published. Read (in Russian)

2008 year

  1. The rector of SibFU was added to “the List of most frequently published scientists of Russia”.
  2. Professor Vladimir Shaidurov, a Doctor of physics and mathematics, the Director of the Institute of Computational Modelling, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics of Siberian Federal University was awarded the Order of Friendship for his great contribution to the development of academic science (a decree of the President of the Russian Federation).
  3. The construction of the Scientific Library of Siberian Federal University was resumed.
  4. April 24, Moscow hosted the first meeting of the Boards of Trustees of Siberian and Southern Federal Universities.
  5. September 24, an agreement on cooperation between SibFU and Bank Santander was signed.
  6. The Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region Alexander Khloponin made a donation to the Endowment Foundation of SibFU.
  7. The faculty and staff of SibFU published a 100th article in international journals on technical and natural sciences.
  8. A style of corporate identity of SibFU was developed.
  9. SibFU announced an internal competition of scientific-methodical and innovative projects (the amount of funding — 80 million rubles).
  10. The new building of the library of SibFU opened the first electronic reading room, equipped with a sound tube system, interactive whiteboards and other technological innovations.

2009 year

  1. SibFU presented a new Bösendorfer grand piano.
  2. The TV show “Siberian Factory of Smart Ones” started. The prize was an opportunity to enroll in SibFU on a budget form of studying and any educational program without exams.
  3. A SibFU student swimmer Konstantin Zotov set 3 world records at once for the first time in 35 years.
  4. A new residence hall with an apartment-type layout for 700 students was commissioned.
  5. SibFU started a competition for the training of future managers “Golden Personnel Reserve””.
  6. The construction of the university building at Svobodny Prospect 82A was completed and the building was commissioned. A number of the university schools were housed in the new building.
  7. The first 27 regular army officers graduated from SibFU Mulitary Training School (institute).
  8. The first small business enterprise was registered in Siberian Federal University.
  9. The rector of SibFU Eugene A. Vaganov was recognized as the most frequently quoted rector among all the rectors of Russian universities.
  10. SibFU took the 17th place in the national university rankings of Russia.

2010 year

  1. A professor of SibFU, Katerina Shishatskaya was awarded the prize of the Russian President in the field of science and innovation.
  2. The speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Alexander Uss became the elected president of SibFU.
  3. SibFU joined the Association of leading universities of Russia.
  4. The results of public discussions on the draft master plan of SibFU became published. Members of Krasnoyarsk City Council at a session decided to change the boundaries of the functional zoning of the territory intended for the development of the campus of SibFU.
  5. According to the results of two nationwide universiades SibFU was recognized as a leader in student sports of Russia.
  6. September 6, an ecological campaign was launched: “Enrolled into SibFU — plant a tree!”
  7. The Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of a new building of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.
  8. SibFU won two mega-grants at the scientific projects contest of the Ministry of Education. The funding was provided for the establishing of the world-class laboratories under the guidance of leading scientists.
  9. Three new schools were established: the School of Business Management and Economic, the School of Engineering and Construction, the School of Architecture and Design.
  10. The ecological campaign “2000 Cedars — 2000 Names” was launched and was aimed at planting the future pine forests.

2011 year

  1. SibFU students won the Fellowship of the President of the Russian Federation.
  2. A decision on the establishing of the SibFU boarding school of physics and mathematics for gifted adolescents was made.
  3. The company “Norilsk Nickel” in association with SibFU started to develop a targeted cooperation program for the period of 5 years.
  4. SibFU launched the construction of a new dormitory for students.
  5. A friendly rugby match between the teams of SibFU and Oxford University was played.
  6. SibFU was ranked among the top 10 universities in the national university rankings of Russia in 2010.
  7. The newspaper of SibFU “New University Life” took the 1st place in the All-Russia competition “PRO Education — 2011”. The competition was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  8. The university opened a SibFU official gift shop — “Squirrel Shop”.
  9. SibFU and the Russian Union of Student Sports signed an agreement of cooperation.
  10. Law School of SibFU successfully passed accreditation of quality public education for lawyers conducted by the All-Russian public organization “Association of Lawyers of Russia”.

2012 year

  1. An agreement was signed with the company En+ Group on the training of nuclear physicists.
  2. February 15, Krasnoyarsk State Trade and Economic Institute joined the University as a structural unit.
  3. The first part of the residence hall №22 of SibFU was commissioned.
  4. The most up-to-date swimming pool was opened in the city in the sports complex “Polytechnic”.
  5. SibFU started the competition “The most intelligent university applicants of Siberia”, the winners of which were the first applicants for a student card even before the official opening campaign in higher education. The organizers of the contest were SibFU and the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the support of “Rosneft”.
  6. The award “For Pedagogical Skills” was established at Siberian Federal University for the first time.
  7. A leading scientist, the Nobel Chemistry Prize Osamu Shimomura began to work in Siberian Federal University as the head of the research project Implementation of large-scale multidisciplinary research in Bioluminescent Biotechnology.
  8. SibFU launched a program of elite engineering education. The goal was to improve the quality of training of engineers and improve engineering training structure. The project covered three master's programs: “System analysis and management”, “Processing of Metals and Alloys”, “Automation of engineering and technological design”.
  9. SibFU joined the Association of leading economic universities of Russia.
  10. November 26, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, a leading scientist, Honorary Research Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, supervisor of the lab of Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of SibFU.

2013 year

  1. The Student Headquarters of the Universiade 2019 was established at SibFU.
  2. The first convenience store in the campus of SibFU was opened.
  3. SibFU opened the first museum of entertaining science in the Krasnoyarsk Region.
  4. SibFU established an additional scholarship for all winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren, who decided to enroll in SibFU.
  5. The project “Digital Library of Siberian Federal University — the university innovative information and educational infrastructure” won the first All-Russian competition of library innovations.
  6. The first graduation of Physic-Mathematical classes.
  7. According to the monitoring project “Transparency of admission conditions in Russian universities”, conducted by the Higher School of Economics commissioned by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, SibFU received maximum scores.
  8. Head of the Department of Medical Biology of the School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of SibFU was named among the top ten scientists from Russia according to the magazine “Russian Reporter”.
  9. A leading scientist, professor of microbiology at MIT Anthony J. Sinskey was awarded the title of “Professor Emeritus of SibFU”.
  10. SibFU launched an experiment to introduce CDIO worldwide initiative for the organization of teaching of educational programs on engineering. The proposed experimental approach aimed at introducing a system of problem-oriented and project-based learning, whereby students develop the ability to design and create new products and systems.

2014 year

  1. The project of “Genomic studies of major boreal coniferous forest tree species and their most dangerous pathogens in the Russian Federation” was launched.
  2. The Chief of SibFU student teams Aleksander Naiman was awarded a commemorative medal and a diploma on behalf of the President of Russia for his contribution to the preparation and holding of the World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.
  3. SibFU started to form its own system of academic degrees “SibFU PhD”.
  4. Within the framework of the 6th Forum of the leading economists of Russia and China a declaration was signed on the membership of SibFU in the Association of Sino-Russian Economic Universities (ASREU) — a non-profit organization uniting a number of economic universities of Russia and China on a voluntary basis.
  5. A pilot phase of the project for the training of reserve soldiers and sergeants was launched at SibFU.
  6. The first graduates of the master`s program “Special Engineering Education” appeared at SibFU.
  7. The official commissioning ceremony for first part of the complex of university residence halls buildings “Vuzovsky” was launched.
  8. SibFU was named among the best universities in Russia according to the results of the 3rd All-Russian Winter Universiade.
  9. SibFU won the All-Russian contest for the best organization of sports and sports activities among the students.
  10. SibFU hall of residence №22 became the absolute winner of the competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

2015 year

  1. The Russian version of the influential magazine “Forbes” named SibFU as a factor due to which Krasnoyarsk was ranked in the top ten cities of Russia as a city of the “European” level of service for tourists.
  2. The training and production laboratory of SibFU TV won the award of the First All-Russia television festival “Student TEFI”.
  3. SibFU joined the consortium of universities of the building complex of the nuclear industry.
  4. SibFU officially opened the “Vuzovsky&lrdquo; (University) district — a recreational and residential area of the university campus on the right bank of the Yenisei River.
  5. SibFU officially awarded its first Ph.D. degree in Biology.
  6. Ari Laptev became the fifth professor emeritus of SibFU. At a meeting of the Academic Council in a solemn ceremony he was awarded the diploma and mantle.
  7. SibFU became one of the participants of the educational project “BRICS Network University”.
  8. SibFU joined the project aimed at the improvement of the international competitiveness of Russian universities (Project 5-100).
  9. SibFU announced a contest for the program of staff support for research activities of the university, “SibFU Post-Doc”.
  10. The rector of SibFU Eugene A. Vaganov was named one of the most active newsmakers among rectors of Russian universities.

2016 year

  1. A SibFU student won a regional stage of the world championship WorldSkills Rissia within the competency “Preschool education”.
  2. The Union of SibFU students took 2nd place in the All-Russian competition for the best organization of the activities of the student government in the nomination “The best system of organization of student volunteering”.
  3. The SibFU PhD Diploma received the official recognition of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Armenia.
  4. The rector of SibFU, academician Eugene A. Vaganov received an invitation to join the advisory board of the publishing house Springer Nature.
  5. The Board of the Osamu Shimomura Fund at SibFU decided to establish a prize for young scientists, graduate students and students “For contribution to the development of science in the field of bioluminescence”.
  6. SibFU launched a competition for the participation in SibFU PhD training programs.
  7. SibFU established a Department of military training on the basis of the military education chair.
  8. The project of SibFU Congress Hall became the winner of the competition of the best architectural works on the basis of 16th International Festival “Architecture of Eastern Siberia — 2016”.
  9. SibFU hosted the first meeting of the Ecological headquarters of the Krasnoyarsk Region. The initiators for the establishing of the Ecological Headquarters at SibFU were scientists, representatives of public organizations, the authorities of the city and the region.
  10. The School of Ecology and Geography was established.

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