SibFU named most cited university in Russia

Siberian Federal University, along with the National Research University — Higher School of Economics, named most cited University in Russia in 2016. The information was released by Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, which focuses on Science and Intellectual property.

The compilers ranked the publications of 3 000 Russian scientific organizations from 21 research industries in the last 11 years.

The methodology of Clarivate Analytic is based on the main index — standardized average citing, which is ideal for comparing "Physics" with "Poetry", a major university and a small research institute, as well as showing how much better or worse in the world a work is cited. The correctness of the data has been observed through the use of world leading web platforms: Essential Science Indicators — database of the research analytics, and web-based system of research — Web of Science Core Collection.

The vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation of SibFU, Sergey Verkhovets: "The compilers ranked 2 053 publication of SibFU. Despite the university physics’ largest number of papers — 602, biologists have the highest rank. So, the biggest citation — 6.46 — demonstrated the research teams under the leadership of Joseph Gitelzon and Nobel laureate Osamu Shimomura, Academician Yevgeny Vaganov, and professors Tatiana Volova and Mikhail Gladyshev."

Press Office of SibFU,

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