SibFU students took bronze in Snow Sculpture Competition in China

The students of Siberian Federal University School of Architecture and Design won bronze medals for the second year in a row at the IX International University Students Snow Sculpture Competition that took place from January 4 to January 7. The competition was organised by Harbin Engineering University.

The snow sculpture presented to the jury by the team consisting of Aleksander Tretyakov, Egor Zhuk, Olga Panteleeva and Yuliya Ilyanenko was named "The Cradle of Worlds". Highly trained teams from the USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and European countries took part in the competition - says the team supervisor, the Assosiate Professor of the Department of Drawing, Painting and Scuplture Dmitriy Shavlygin. The team was given three days to complete the task.

We think that kids imagination is boundless. This is why the little girl became the main object of the sculpture. She is climbing the ladder that reflects pursuing of a goal despite the obstacles in our mind — says Dmitry Shavlygin. — Our sculpture that symbolizes the Universe is designed to remind that sometimes you need to dream and to believe in yourself.

Earlier, the two teams of SibFU School of Architecture won gold and bronze in the junior teams competition during the V Open Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Contest "Magic Ice of Siberia".

Press Office of SibFU,

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