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SibFU students won the Environmental Cup

Students of the School of Ecology and Geography SibFU became winners of the V Interuniversity Environmental Cup, which was held in Novosibirsk on 18–19 October.

The Environmental Cup was aimed at drawing attention to issues of environmental protection and starting a discussion on environmental problems among students. 11 teams from Siberian universities took part in the event. The team of Dmitry Zlobin, Marina Rubleva, Ksenia Kotovshchikova, and Igor Kanyuk from the School of Ecology and Geography SibFU became winners at the event.

According to Dmitry Zlobin, the third year student, the task was to understand the territorial scheme of waste treatment and to develop recommendations for facilitating separate waste collection in Novosibirsk Region. “We have thoroughly studied a legal framework and developed an algorithm for interaction between regulatory bodies. The developed measures were rational not only from social and ecological points but also from the position of economy. For example, we found out that waste collection modes, provided by Sanitary Regulations and Standards, which includes collecting waste every day in summer and every third day in winter, are not profitable within the separate collection of municipal solid waste. It would be more efficient to collect waste fractions for processing as they accumulate. It will solve the main problem, specifically, increase of tariff due to increased transportation costs. We calculated that if the trucks come as required, the cost will reduce.”

Despite the fact that key tasks were centered on territorial waste management scheme in Novosibirsk Region, Krasnoyarsk team took the cup of winners for the first time in five years. Previously it had always remained in Novosibirsk.

It is remarkable that that SibFU ecologists also took part in the intellectual game in natural sciences. Moreover, during a round-table discussion “Year of Ecology: Challenges and Solutions” they presented a project on separate waste collection "EcoCampus", which was launched in SibFU earlier this year.

The Anniversary Interuniversity Environmental Cup was organized by Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management.


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