SibFU became co-organizer of the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project for international students

Siberian Federal University became a co-organizer of a unique competition for foreign students Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project. The winners will be able to enter the Master's program of leading universities of Russia for free.

In SibFU one can participate in the Physics and Economics competitions of the four proposed profiles. Citizens of any foreign country, stateless persons and compatriots living abroad with a Bachelor's degree or completing a Bachelor's degree in 2018 can take part the competition.

The competition is held in Russian and English and has two stages. The first stage is a qualifying round from December 1 to February 16, 2018. To participate you need to upload your portfolio on the website. Winners then go to the second stage, which takes place from March 5 to March 15 in the format of distant testing.

Winners can choose any of more than 500 universities of the country in 80 cities of Russia.

The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Rossotrudnichestvo. The organizer of the project is the Association of Global Universities.

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