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HED: SibFU is the university of your dream

Higher Education Discovery is an international open electronic journal. Its regular subscribers are universities, educational institutions, government agencies, educational authorities, quality assurance agencies, student recruitment agencies in 80 countries.

The title of this publication is the name of the contest, organized by HED and Siberian Federal University, so you have one more chance to win some worthy prizes!

You can write, sing, make some videos to express your desire to study at one of the best universities of Russia! Tap the link, read all the rules and conditions carefully and share your thoughts and emotions with the help of your creativity.

DEADLINE: March, 31


  • 1st place — a 50% tuition discount for the entire study period;
  • 2nd place — compensation of dormitory fees and a certificate of voluntary health insurance for the entire study period;
  • 3rd place — a free Russian language one-year course at the preparatory department for international students;
  • 4–10th places — a set of SibFU's promotional gifts.

We are looking forward to your bright creative works!


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