Environmental Governance for Environmental Curricula

Project Code: 
511390- 1-2010-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPCR
European Commission

Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Prof. Maria Kozova
Tel. +42 126 029 6608

Members (besides SibFU): 

Kozep Europai Egyetem (Budapest, Hungary)
MEDIAN S.C.P. (Spain)
University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Klagenfurt University (Austria)
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland)
Belarus State Technical University (Belarus)
Central R&D Establishment for Multipurpose Utilization of Water Resources (Belarus)
International Sakharov Environmental University (Belarus)
United University of Belarus and Russia (Belarus)
International public organization «Ecoproject Partnership» (Belarus)
Odessa State Environmental University (Ukraine)
Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians (Ukraine)
Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy (Ukraine)
Pskov State Pedagogical University (Russia)
Independent Ecological Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk territory (Russia)

Head (in SibFU): 

Olga V. Tarasova
PhD, Professor of the Environmental Toxicology and Microbiology Department
SibFU Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies
Tel.: +7 (391) 244-67-40
E-mail: olvitarasova@mail.ru

Project Objectives: 

To upgrade three basic areas of ecological education (environmental policy, management and science) in the universities of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, i.e. to increase political importance and practical aspects by establishing three-level program in the field of ecological management.

To share the experience of the Bologna process (for example, principles of program management, innovative methods of education, etc.) gained from European universities with the partner countries and also the Bologna process values with Belarus.

To support innovative and competitive higher educational institutions in developing interactive platform for faculty and staff, exchanging faculty and staff experience by establishing the ways of quality assessment, etc.

To boost knowledge exchange for the partner countries, to consolidate scientific and professional relations in the EU and Eastern area.

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