Russian Language Preparation Programs for International Students

The Russian Language Preparation Programs are available at SibFU in The Centre for International Education and Certified Testing. Russian language courses and general disciplines (pre-university courses) are Pre-University Programs for international students who would like to do their Bachelor's, Master's or PhD SibFU degree in Siberian Federal University or at other Russian universities.

Whether you want to study Russian for a few weeks, a year or two years, for academic or general purposes, we offer you a structured Programs of study. These Programs prepare international students for direct entry into Siberian Federal University.

At the end of your Preparatory Course, you will receive a Certificate Of Russian Language Proficiency. This certificate will ensure entry to SibFU degree Programs.

If you want to know more about our Russian Language Preparation Programs for international students, please check the course information below.


Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language
CourseAcademic hoursCost, RUR
Russian as a foreign language 1st year of study72082 000
Russian as a foreign language 2nd year of study72082 000
Summer program of Russian as a foreign language "Survival Level", 1 month8016 800
Summer program of Russian as a foreign language "Survival Level", 2 month16028 800
Entrance test in Russian as a foreign language (required)2 200
Final test (in the end of course) in Russian as a foreign language2 400
Additional courses for the selected profile (special subjects)
CourseAcademic hoursCost, RUR
Humanitarian Programs14413 000
Natural Science Programs14413 000
Economic Programs14413 000
Engineering and technology14413 000
Additional courses for foreign citizens who are studying at their 1st and 2nd years and who wish to be trained in majoring subjects for admission to SibFU or other Russian higher education institutions are avaliable.

Why choose us

SibFU offers a range of Russian Language Preparation Programs for international students seeking to upgrade their Russian language and study skills before starting a Bachelor, Master Degree or PhD programme.

  • Attractive and resonable prices
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Communicative teaching techniques
  • Real Russian!
  • Individual attention for everyone
  • A relaxed teaching atmosphere!

Our courses combine a strong syllabus with a contemporary approach intended to build confidence and motivate students. Imaginative skills work and regular changes of focus are designed to capture students` interest. All our teaching takes place in a relaxed atmosphere because we understand that expressing oneself in a foreign language can be difficult. Laughter and humour help to make our students feel more comfortable about experimenting with the language and more willing to take risks!

Our course Programs focus on everyday spoken Russian and therefore all classroom activities are designed to reflect the language people use for everyday communication. The topics and materials used in our programes are chosen to reflect real life with all its ups and downs.

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