Department for International Cooperation | Siberian Federal University

Department for International Cooperation

  • Head of the Department: Anna E. Mezit
    Tel: +7 391 291-28-64
    E-mail: amezit [at]
    Address: 79/10 Svobodniy St, building No10 (Library building), room Б1-04
    The work of the Department is supervised by Vice-Rector for Research - Ruslan A. Baryshev

Department for International Cooperation is divided into 5 following units:

  • International Recruitment Office

    • attracting foreign applicants and highly qualified researchers and lecturers to SibFU
    • organization of procedures for admission of applicants/students
    • selection of candidates for vacancies of the teaching staff at the university departments, assistance in employment formalities
    • social, cultural and everyday-life adaptation of international students and faculty members
    • planning, organizing and conducting events aimed at attracting international applicants to study at the university
    • advising foreign citizens (or stateless persons) on issues related to admission to or employment at the university
    • preliminary assessment and recognition of foreign documents on education and/or qualifications, determination of the possibility of foreign citizens to continue their studies in the degree programs they have chosen or to be employed at the University
    • carrying out various activities to ensure the admission, accommodation, and adaptation of foreign citizens
    • informational support for the university units working with international students and staff
    • interaction with supervisory authorities on the registration of foreign citizens and their employment
  • International Support Office

    • Assistance in the development of international relations of the university
    • Coordination of the activities of the university departments in the field of international cooperation and support of the activities of the university departments when working with foreign citizens and compliance with the implementation of the laws of the Russian Federation in relation to foreign citizens and stateless persons staying on the territory of the Russian Federation
    • Coordination, document support and assistance in the implementation of international cooperation projects
    • Provision of information and consulting services in the field of international cooperation
    • Linguistic support for SibFU's departments (English) and international events
    • Communication with foreign citizens, including the preparation of documents permitting entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons on the territory of the Russian Federation.
    • Systematization of information about international students studying at the university.
    • Visa support for foreign citizens, issuing invitations for non-resident conference participants, etc.
    • Migration registration of international students and non-resident conference participants, etc.
    • Study of the legal framework related to foreign citizens (education, migration).
    • Preparation of agreements with foreign educational institutions.
    • Keeping the statistics on international relations of the university and analysis of the international activities of the university.
    • Organization of reception of foreign delegations.
    • Linguistic support in:
      • business correspondence (within the framework of the activities of the Department for International Cooperation and at the request of SibFU's departments)
      • translation of materials for SibFU’s web-site
      • language support for foreign delegations
      • issuing European Diploma Supplements
    • Customs clearance and export control
  • Center for Strategic Research of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Asia-Pacific Region
  • Japanese Cultural Centre
  • Korean Cultural Centre

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