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Department of International Relations

Establishment of Siberian Federal University has fostered development of international collaboration and integration into international research and education space.

The International Department has been established to coordinate various international projects and programmes in the field of science and higher education, create information data bases on international scholarships and grants, spread the information about the University abroad and organize reception of foreign delegations.

The International Department provides services and programmes that contribute an international dimension to the research, teaching and community service aspects of Siberian Federal University. In addition to services for students, the International Department also provides support to senior administration and faculty members in furthering Siberian Federal University's international activities abroad.

For the present moment the University has collaborative relationships with Institutes and Universities all over the world: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Japan, the USA, the Peoples’ Republic of China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Singapore, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea.

Special attention is paid to the development of collaborative links with the CIS and SCO countries. In 2009 SibFU became one of the leading universities of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the “ecology” field.

With the support of the partner Universities the field campaign is organized in the SCO countries. It is planned to open the representative office of SibFU in China, Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia. All these activities allow to develop international research and academic exchanges of students, staff and researchers.

The following academic and research subdivisions have been established and function at the University:

  • territory research centre of geodynamical service in cooperation with Potsdam Geo Research Centre (Germany) and La Societe Collecte Localisation Satellites (G.L.S. -France);
  • research and educational Russian –German centre and international “East-West Information Centre” in cooperation with the “East-West-Science Centre” at Kassel University.
  • UNESCO Department of Advanced Materials and Technology for the training of elite specialists: masters, postgraduate students and doctoral students

With about 200 international students studying at Siberian Federal University, the International Department supports international students in achieving their academic and personal goals. It provides a variety of programmes for international students as well as individual advising and activities to help them meet friends and settle into their life in Russia. The Centre for International Education of the International Department offers the Russian Language Programme to help students strengthen their Russian skills so that they can pass their admission examinations or succeed in their university studies. CIE also provides the state examination of Russian as a foreign language (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th certificate levels), as well as the Russian language testing to apply for Russian citizenship.

The International Department provides useful information about research funding, internships abroad and international projects development. Information is also available about volunteer and work abroad opportunities.

Annually over 200 visiting professors from the leading world and national universities come to Siberian Federal University to read lectures and held seminars, professors from China, Turkey, Japan and Italy work at the University on the yearly contract basis.


The International Department has four subdivisions:

  • International Students’ Office, tel. +7 391 206-27-79
  • Translation Services Office, tel. +7 391 206-27-99
  • Office of External Economic Affairs and Technology Transfer, tel. +7 391 206-27-02

and: Centre of Japanese Culture, Russian-German Centre and Translation Services Centre.

The work of the International Department is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

Administration and Contacts:

Head of the Department for International Cooperation – Sergey V. Verkhovets, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, e-mail:

Head of the International Department — Olga V. Kuznetsova, tel. +7 391 206-27-81, e-mail:

Head of the International Students’ Office — Natalia A. Anisiferova, tel. +7 391 206-27-79.

Head of the Translation Services Office — Inga M. Byteva, tel. +7 391 206-27-99, e-mail:

Head of the External Economic Affairs and Technology Transfer Office — Svetlana M. Timoshenko, tel. +7 391 206-27-02

Address: Offices 224, 447, 448, 449 (the 2nd and the 4th floors), 82A Svobodny prospect, Krasnoyarsk

Additional Services

The International Department provides additional services on the paid basis:

  1. Estimation and legalization of foreign documents for obtaining the certificate of equivalence;
  2. European Supplement to the Diploma (the Supplement is prepared in accordance with the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO and is done both in Russian and English languages. The Supplement contains information about the education process workload in ECTS credits and credit units of RF and is issued upon the student’s request);(form of the agreement in Russian)
  3. Translation and interpreting services (apart the University international activities).

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